OK, enough celebrations...

Me noggin gets a flog'n t'morra!


MRI scan on my head tomorrow so the surgeons can calculate the best way to operate.


No need to wish me luck... The white doughnut (or white coffin as I call it) doesn't phase me. I'm not claustrophobic, I'll be fine. You can wish me luck on the results though. Let's hope it's a girl... no a boy... who wants the trouble of a girl going through their teens.

Hope you're all doing well.


UPDATE: Had the test, see below, just waiting on the Specialist to have a look and give me a call.

I was searching YouTube to help give people an idea of what it's like. I wish it was like this;

But really it was more like this... just so you can get the full experience... turn your sound up very loud, put a white metal waste paper basket over your head, bang on the bin with a large metal spoon and play the following clip... keep doing this for 40 minutes.

Great isn't it...

Take: 18

Blogger JLee mused...

Wait, did I miss something? Is there something wrong with your head? Something else besides the obvious I mean? ha Hope it's nothing serious...

Wed Sep 05, 07:53:00 am

Blogger jin mused...

I'll be there with you in spirit!

Yeah...that'll work cos if I were there for real I think we'd get stuck in the tunnel cos I think it's only built for one person and seeing as how we don't really know each other all that well it might be kinda awkward & uncomfortable if we had to squooooosh together like that.... plus the results would show all the male parts and all the female parts and that might mar the findings as they'd declare you a hermaphrodite and that would just be weird... soooo...... yeah, I'll be with ya in spirit!

Wed Sep 05, 08:24:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous mused...

I would say "keep your chin up, old sport" but that blocks the images.

If for some reason an accidental overdose of Gamma radiation alters your body chemistry, you can always become the Hulk. So there's always a positive side.

I hope you pass your test? Or do I hope you fail? Whichever is the positive outcome is my hope.

Doctor Murp! is willing to provide the surgery for you for free. Although, I am curious why he insists on removing the growth from an incision made on your feet.

Wed Sep 05, 01:59:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

By now I imagine you are already there.

I can't think of anything funny to say, just I hope things go
(or did go) well.

Thu Sep 06, 08:17:00 am

Blogger jin mused...

*jin thinks: OMFG!!!!!!*

*jin says:*
"Rich! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!"

*jin runs out of her office screaming.....*

Thu Sep 06, 11:54:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Who knows JLee, That's for the specialists and my imaginary friends to figure out.

Thu Sep 06, 12:02:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Wow Jin, At least that would have made the test more exciting. I could live with being declared a hermaphrodite for a little intimate rendezvous with a stranger who brings her own cake. But yes, it was a very tight fit and not very pleasant but let's not ruin the fantasy ;)

Thu Sep 06, 12:08:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Ha ha Squid, it's funny you should say that, I was having the exact same thought during the MRI yesterday. I was laying there thinking, "So, when do I get my super powers? Come on Nuclear material, do your work!"

Tell Dr Murp! that I'm available for the operation any time, he just needs to confirm whether we're using the axe or chainsaw this time.

Thu Sep 06, 12:11:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Diana, buck up little camper! It's not the end of the world. We can't lose our sense of humour because of a little brain rot... wait... that might actually explain my sense of humour... what's your excuse?

Everything went fine, no dramas with the test itself. Glad when it was over though. Now I'll just wait for the Doc to get back to me.

Thu Sep 06, 12:14:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Awwww, come back Jin. It wasn't too bad. Just long and noisy and cramped and... wait, yeah that thing fucking sucked! At least it wasn't painful.

Thu Sep 06, 12:15:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Rich, you misinterpreted my laziness and lack of originality for concern.

(ok, maybe just a little concern)

Thu Sep 06, 03:03:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

That sounds like a real barrel o' monkeys. Keep us posted!

Thu Sep 06, 11:30:00 pm

Blogger concerned citizen mused...

Hmmm... Is your personality going to change any?

Anyway, if it makes you feel better I miss your comments on my blog & *drum roll* on that note!?, I've decided to allow comments from my old Politically incorrect blogging buddies! YAY!

Fri Sep 07, 01:12:00 pm

Blogger BallerinaGurl mused...

My very dear friend and fellow blogger Suesjoy just had brain surgery and after a month or so of recovery is finally flying home! So as bad as hers was I am hopeful for you! Love the movies LOL!

Those machines have a microphone btw....just start talking to yourself or "the others" and I am sure the techs will laugh with you to lighten your mood. I am sure you could come up with stories about your Satan days to amuse if you catch my drift. Hell now your stalkers are going to read more into that than I mean...

Fri Sep 07, 04:28:00 pm

Blogger Scarlet Hip mused...

Seriously, sending good thoughts your way.

And some really naughty ones too - just to keep you occupied while you're in the tube.

Mon Sep 10, 05:28:00 am

Blogger Wendy mused...

holy fucking tesla coil in a trash can!

I wish a boy...no a girl, hahaha! Way more fun.

When is your surgery?

Sun Sep 16, 05:28:00 am

Blogger Mad Munkey mused...

I'd rather have an MRI any day of the week and twice on tuesday before another Bone Scan. Good Luck.

Fri Sep 21, 05:06:00 am

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

If you're part of the lucky .25% who gain magnetic superpowers from your MRI, can you post one of your daily levitations on YouTube?

Just once I'd like to see an MRI-induced levitation that wasn't a hoax.

Sat Sep 22, 02:17:00 pm


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