Well, the New South Wales government has shut down my documentary idea. Censorship, censorship, I say! They think the subject matter, a bunch of shacks from the Great Depression, is a far too sensitive subject. Of course, now the shack owners are up in arms and in the process of putting together a formal protest (on paper).

Whoops, my little 4 -7 minute doco has really stirred up a hornets nest.

Of course, I don't have time for a hornets nest as I have to put together a doco proposal just to pass my course. The Shack owners have been wonderful in offering me interviews and so forth as an alternative to my original idea, an experimental piece in 'pictures with music' looking at the balance between Australian Heritage and the Environment, but I just cant do the new interview based doco justice in 4 to 7 minutes.

So now I feel like I've abandoned them... *hangs head in shame* I'm sorry! I will be back to do the doco as soon as I can. I really want to highlight these important pieces of Australian Heritage.

In other news, I shot a photo essay the other day that I think looks pretty great. I also spent last night putting it to music. It's meant to be about two people meeting in a public place using Mise en Scene to give meaning to the meeting. I grabbed a couple of friends who've just had a baby and enacted her going into labour and giving birth with the help of her partner... in public... they were terribly brave and I can't thank them enough. It's called father meets son. The original meeting so to speak. Gawd I'm good! Oh, and so is the guy I've been working with... his ideas were brilliant and really added to the project.

What else, um, I'm dying... weird head lump that's making the specialists scratch their noggins in wonder... I don't have time to die. I'm far to busy making films. Join with me in telling 'Evil Richard', as we're calling the head lump, to piss off!

Til next time, chow!

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Blogger JLee mused...

You have a lot on your plate there, buddy! F*&%#@g censors...

Fri Aug 17, 12:25:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

So much for living in a free country, hey!

Fri Aug 17, 12:51:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

I guess you two will have to move to America and finish your film here. I am proud of you, but not surprised. I would love to see what you have.

I am also worried about your head lump! During a time of extreme stress I had a hard lump the size of a marble on my neck. The chiropracter didn't know what it was, but it went away before I went to a doctor about it. It looked like this

Please take care of yourself, K?

Fri Aug 17, 01:05:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Diana, Long time no talky :)

But... but... the shacks are in Australia...

I think I will do the Doco at some time. I just don't want to waste such an interesting and culturally valuable story on a 4-7 minute format.

Actually, I've quite surprised myself by really enjoying documentary. It's great fun. I'm surprisingly un-stressed by the whole affair. It's an invaluable lesson learned. Stupid government, how can shacks be sooo sensitive an issue that I'm not allowed to film them. Ah well, it's all keeping me very busy.

Hahaha, your very attractive neck lump was probably a Lipoma. They're very common. What I have... is anyone's guess. When you have the technician call in a Doctor and then that Doctor calls in a Specialist and then none of them can work it out so they have to send you to the most prestigious cranio-maxillo facial surgeon in Australia... well... I guess all I can do is chill until someone works out what is going on with Evil Richard. No stress!

But I hope you're doing well :)

Fri Aug 17, 01:44:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

You see, what you do is base yourself in America, and then travel to Australia to film the documentary, and if the Australian government tries to stop you, tell them if they dont let you film, America will bomb them- I mean "liberate" them. (tell the military to avoid the shacks though- that would defeat the purpose I think)

The chiropracter said the bump on my neck seemed like a lipoma. The most prestegious cranio-maxillo facial surgeon didnt know what yours is? Do you know what is a very prestigious hospital? The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I don't think you have a choice at this point but to travel to MN and see the doctor there. Do it for your fans!

I think you are smart to not stress too much, stress only makes things worse.

I love ya richard, even your Kuato

Sat Aug 18, 01:48:00 am

Blogger melanie mused...

hey Rich!!
OMG I go away from Blogger for a bit and you are ill!!!
I do hope you aren't dying! I shall get you some lavender oil to massage on your lump and whilst you do so we can tell it to piss off!
Blessings to yer Rich

Sun Aug 19, 12:58:00 am

Blogger Scarlet Hip mused...

Does the lump look like this? Gosh, I hope not.

Sun Aug 19, 11:54:00 am

Blogger jin mused...

Censorship sucks.

Your lump thingy sucks.


YOU, Rich do not suck at all.
Yay for that! :-D

P.S. Again I agree with the ever brilliant Diana...you must travel to Minnesota* immediately. (Assuming, of course, that I can hang out with you guys!!! :-)

*fyi- Minnesota is a Wisconsin neighbor.

Sun Aug 19, 09:41:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Jin, I will fund your trip by commisioning a special cake depicting Rich and Evil Richard.

Mon Aug 20, 01:47:00 am

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

What was objectionable about depression-era shacks? Is Australia a depression-denier?

As for the lump, its probably just scar tissue from the horse incident.

Mon Aug 20, 02:48:00 am

Blogger concerned citizen mused...

L>T here
I'm really curious about the shacks. Give us a picture, eh?

& about evil Richard... I Live around a bunch of hypochondriacs, so I tend to down-play strange lumps & things. My motto is ignore it & it'll go away. Grow your hair to cover it up & keep your hands off of it. ;]

Mon Aug 20, 11:42:00 am

Blogger jin mused...

Too cool Diana!
I could do a 3D version!
Evil richard could be made of "Devil's food cake" and rich could be made with "Angel food cake"!

Hmmm...but he's not really an angel, is he? Eh, close enough! ;-)

(Re your comment at my blog Diana: I have a diff blog where there are pics from my wedding 5 years ago. I truly hated them all even tho I tried to put up the flattering ones. I didn't want to leave you the link in my comment section as I try to keep my other blog away from nosy local peeps so I figured I'd come here where our lovely host rich doesn't mind us talking amongst ourselves...right rich?! :-)

Mon Aug 20, 08:29:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Wow Jin! How does a girl with a bakery go from beautiful and zaftig to beautiful and skinny?

One might say "I'd bet she gets sick of the sweets" but I used to work at a candy shop, and I never got sick of the candy, I gained 20 pounds, that never came off, and I still love candy.

Tue Aug 21, 02:29:00 am

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Since we know the Australian Gov't will not let this news get out, I will share it with you:

Big News

Tue Aug 21, 02:32:00 am

Blogger mizfit mused...

censor the censor board, i say!
and since ur doing a million things ( as i gather from ur post), add that too to ur agenda.


Wed Aug 22, 01:50:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

The best thing to come from Australia since Rich:

The Wilcannia Mob

Thu Aug 23, 05:20:00 am


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