So last night I was thinking about the early Get Films animated logo I did, the one with the flower that grows out of a seed of dust made from the remnants of an older destroyed flower (not online any more it would seem...). This thinking meandered past a grove of head-fruit that grew in shapes akin to life being often enclosed within it's own limits without avenue for growth outside of itself. This briefly lead down a path towards large ornate terrariums but, while watching a show about a bipolar Stephen Fry, quickly flew off towards a cloud of ephemeral perceptions on how vast tracks of the human race are encapsulating themselves in chemically induced boundaries... or financial boundaries... or emotional... or physical... or whatever...

So, this is the idea doodle. The rough idea doodle. I didzit lay'n down on tha couch with nuth'n har' back'nit. I couldza gotz a book but et wooda meant gitt'n arp.

Now, of course, I really like this. Particularly the strange flying airfish character in the bottom right corner with his singular bell like voice that rings out through the void. But the problem with that is I don't know these characters, their environments or what their story could possibly be. To find out I'd have to do, what I see so many other artists do and admire greatly, is to spend a large amount of time in that world, drawing it, figuring out where the staircases go, how the people (if they are people) go about their daily business of interacting with seemingly giant creatures and flowers and each other and their boundaries. I could greatly enjoy living for a time in that world.

But what about the other worlds... I think this is why I like film. I can flibbertigibbet from one world to another.

Take: 16

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

First a big Ohhhh*!* I lOVE this sort of world - I was looking at an old glass vessel just recently at a market. Used by gardeners to trap fruit fly - you put a female inside and she attracts the males - I'm guessing she is so mad at being put into one that her hormones are going ballistic to be rescued that every male fruit fly in the area flies on over to assist her ;) and in doing so unfortunately they all drown thanks to the old bugger of a gardener ... but I've been wondering how did he catch a female in the first place*?*

Second YOU are the only Aussie I've "met" to use the word Flibbertigibbet ... my Grandad used to call me that in the sense you call someone here Blue when they have red hair *!*

Tue Feb 17, 08:16:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

I really like these sort of worlds too. I'm sure there's a lot of material to mine in a place like that.

He caught the female with his Mad Skillz! Sorry, ever watched Napoleon Dynamite? Really, I think we need to learn the intimate secrets of the world of these fruit fly whisperers.

Strange, my grandfather used to call me that when I was a sensible young girl too. I can't be sure but I think it's a word I learned from the late great Roald Dahl.

Tue Feb 17, 09:02:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

lol good old Grandads see the best in their little gremlins.

No to Napoleon Dynamite ... oh dear should I know his name??? Yes to the great Roald Dahl*!*

Tue Feb 17, 09:48:00 pm

Blogger Ticharu mused...

As a piece of animation really huge in scale, you could follow a small character through this enormous landscape you've created only the animation wouldn't stop after the character has passed through it, the entire thing would be active and the audience would have to watch the piece over and over to see everything going on.
It would be great to put it into an intereactive touchscreen where the music changed and morphed depending on which part of the animation you were looking at but that would be ambitious :)

Tue Feb 17, 09:49:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Actually, both my grandads were ol' bastards. In their own way, Bimbimbie. Bless 'em.

If you want to understand the dis-effected youth of today, or we were, or maybe the way we wanted to be, I'd track down Napoleon Dynamite. Vote Pedro!

Tue Feb 17, 11:50:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Tich, dude! Thanks for understanding bro. I'm just not sure what the character would be doing... or why.

Sheesh brother, how cool would that be. It reminds me of that REM (Imitation of Life) pool clip where they used something like 15 seconds of recorded film playing backwards and forwards(and sideways) and actors playing the 15 seconds backwards and forwards (and sideways) to create the entire clip.

I'd love to know how you'd propose to do that. I'm sure we could figure out a way. Probably with Flash for the visual, and... something for the audio.

Wed Feb 18, 12:04:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous mused...


you can
draw like this...

you should be working for disney

but the flash idea sounds pretty cool(!)

nice work


Wed Feb 18, 03:03:00 am

Blogger Shelley Noble mused...

Wonderful sketch, Rich. So interesting. How about animating it, as you've drawn it? Even Photoshop would do, with liquify to create movement and the animation capability on layers it has. The camera pov could start at the lower left bottom and travel up all the pathways... woo

Wed Feb 18, 06:18:00 am

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

I googled and read the synopsisI'm not sure I could sit and watch him and I'm feeling happy I grew up with the likes of Bedknobs and Broomsticks at the big screen*!*

Wed Feb 18, 07:04:00 am

Blogger Rita mused...

I love the whole "micro-macro" miniature giant thing. When I was a little kid I used to draw ant cities all the time. Now I'm work for a small town newspaper...It's the same thing! how the people (if they are people) go about their daily business of interacting with seemingly giant creatures and flowers and each other and their boundaries. :)

Wed Feb 18, 01:51:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

/t. Dude! Come on. The idea's alright but the drawing is pretty rough.

I don't think I'm a big studio sort of person. If I had to work for a studio I think my work would suit Ghibli more than Disney.

I'd love to learn Flash properly.

Wed Feb 18, 02:30:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Thanks Shel. How about animating it? Hmmm... what's the story?

Wed Feb 18, 02:31:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

You should watch it anyway, Bimbimbie. I know. Our generation are a weird bunch.

Wed Feb 18, 02:33:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Thanks Rita. The micro-macrocosms have been intrinsically part of story telling since Greek times. I guess it's a part of our make-up to see how small things build up to become large and how large things tend are, whether their simple or complex, constructed of smaller parts. It's the schema!

Ant cities, that's really cool.

Wed Feb 18, 02:40:00 pm

Blogger Ces mused...

A doodle!? Okay but with a story? When I doodle I just draw lines. My mind thinks of other things not related to the doodle. This is a great story line so far. You have to create some details and then you will be a novelist in the end.

Fri Feb 20, 11:29:00 am

Blogger Ces mused...

BTW, the airfish character is the best.

Fri Feb 20, 11:30:00 am


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