Run Away! Join the Circus!

So I was chatting to my brother the other day. The hard-drinking tattooed hippy surfer mohawk mullet brother. Apparently he's joined the circus. I know what you're thinking, "Wow, Rich's brother is a bearded lady?! Cool!" but I'm sorry to disappoint you. It's not that sort of circus. I'm not even sure it's a real circus or if it's his lounge room and an over active imagination. What I am sure of though is that he and a couple of mates appeared on telly the other day doing their fire-breathing, acrobatic, trapeze routine. WTF? Turn on TV. "Hey, there's my brother chatting to Ernie Dingo about the Trapeze". WTF?

My brother and I tend to keep in fairly loose contact, we get along famously but he's a hard-drinking tattooed hippy surfer fire-breathing trapeze TV star. That doesn't leave a lot of time to make phone calls. Although I don't really miss the 3am five minute long drunken blathers I got on the answering machine during the football world cup, I do like the fact that when we get in touch there's usually something to talk about.

Like the other night,
Me: "Hey shithead what'd you do to your leg".
Him: "DOUCHE! I tore a ten by three centimetre gouge out of it on the trapeze board. Been talking to Mum or are you jealous of my fame?"
Me: "Totally jealous, two seconds on a show run by a washed-up actor must have been awesome"
Him: "Stitches, huge scars and TV spots get you laid around here. What you got going for you?!"
...and so forth.

Even when we don't have something to talk about I can usually come up with something cool to torment the little bugger. Last year, when I hadn't heard from him in about 4 months, I decided it was time he should call me. So what'd I do? Well... I took a copy of the Tattoo I'd designed for his left shoulder, a tribalised dragon (I'll put up a pic when I find it), added some other elements to it and printed it onto a T-Shirt. I then sent it to him with a note saying "Found this in a local Surf shop. Man, I hope the money was worth it. I can NOT believe you sold the design". What a surprise, a couple of days later I got a frantic phone call saying that he hadn't sold it and what the hell was he going to do because the reason why he loved the Tat was that it was a one off design. I strung him along for a while, then we laughed and then we caught up like normal. He's a good bloke!

Mind you when I met him at the airport last Christmas I went to pick up his bag and as I bent over he sucker punched me. "That's for the T-shirt!" Ha! Yeah, I had it coming.

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Blogger Jane mused...

I'd love to meet the family. I think we'd all "get on famously"

By the way - you are one adorable fucker. Faux engagements? Killed me!

Mon Aug 28, 11:16:00 pm

Blogger Wendy mused...

man, you're brother is cooool! and, famous! ~swooooon~

I'm going over there to stalk him.

cool brother and I love the T-shirt story. good one.

Tue Aug 29, 04:25:00 am

Blogger ticharu mused...

I got no brothers, but a handful of good friends I've had all my life. It's just like that when we get together. A drunken fest of who can say or DO the sickest thing!
I assure you I can not carry on like that with my 3 sisters!
It's a great thing having someone you can be yourself with.

Tue Aug 29, 09:16:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Oh Jane, you and your propensity to fall in love with strangers. My family are good people in a clinically insane sorta way.

When did fantasy eclipse reality in the game of 'fun' for you?

Tue Aug 29, 09:26:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Oh Wendy... you know it! I think you'll have to get in line to stalk him though. My brother is one of those rare individuals who is completely festy in charming as all mutherfucker hell sort of way. I think it's the blood of the Gaelic Bards that comes to us through our grandfather.

Yeah, I got him good with that one. Bwahahahaaa!

Tue Aug 29, 09:31:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Ahhhhhhh, Tich, where would any of us be without our brothers from other mothers. We all need those kinda Mates! I'm just happy that I also have a couple of brothers and a sister who are awesome as well.

I think you should write a comedic song for your sisters about how you wish they were 'men' or at least be gross every now and again. That would be cool.

Tue Aug 29, 09:37:00 am

Blogger ticharu mused...

They are gross, just not in a good way... but I luv em cuz they're my sisters yeah yeah yeah, I just smile and nod from across the room!

Tue Aug 29, 10:11:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Awwww, your sisters make you a mute :)

How are they gross?

Tue Aug 29, 10:16:00 am

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Your brother sounds like a nice sort, for a drunken acrobatic circus clown named Tattoo.

(I just skimmed the post, but I'm pretty sure I got the gist of it.)

Tue Aug 29, 11:37:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hahaha, you've got it SafeT... my brother is actually Herve Jean Pierre Villechaize, otherwise known as De Plane, De Plane.

What a shame about the suicide.

Tue Aug 29, 12:22:00 pm

Blogger Squid Vicious mused...

Any monkey can swing from a rope. It takes a real man to make an exploding badger...and puke on a horse...and play with faries. (Not so much that last part.)

Tue Aug 29, 03:02:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Oh Squid, HA!

Hope you don't mind if I used that next time I talk to him... and he can't even swing on his rope without damaging himself. Silly monkey.

Even though I do enjoy doing that stuff I have to say I'm not a real man, I'm mostly bottle caps and paper mache.

My Bro was also saying he had to hook up some safety harness (for tourists who want to be monkeys too) which required him to climb twelve metres up a 20cm wide wire ladder, and to reach the G clamp that holds the cable you have to take your feet off the ladder and lean out to it, well, he got half way out and pulled a muscle in his back and got stuck there. Hahaha, foolish, foolish monkey. He eventually hooked up his cable and just rolled off the side and fell the 10 metres into the netting.

Trapeze is crazy, I can't wait to try it out next time I visit him.

Tue Aug 29, 03:48:00 pm

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

At least you didn't trick him into buying himself a Pokemon game as his own birthday present.

That happened to me a while ago. I'm still trying to figure out how.

Tue Aug 29, 10:58:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

Even though I do enjoy doing that stuff I have to say I'm not a real man, I'm mostly bottle caps and paper mache

don't ya know it takes a real man to admit that?

They are gross, just not in a good way.. ticharu I love that! I have some of those relatives too.

Who needs to run away to join the circus?!

Tue Aug 29, 11:49:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

the circus!?? awesome
I wanna be the bearded lady...

Wed Aug 30, 09:18:00 am

Blogger shilo mused...

Hi! My friend told me about your blog she said you had some cute videos that you made. She said I should come and look at them. I did. They are short, but I do like the one with the sprites.

Wed Aug 30, 12:36:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Gyrobo! (for some reason everytime I read your name I mentally shout it out like the Barflys at Cheers)

That actually happens to me every B'day. My girlfriend Mooncar says she's got the perfect gift to buy me, lauds how great it is, and then asks if I can pay for half. I never mind. They're great 'gifts'.

Wed Aug 30, 02:05:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...


I want to be a real boy!

Wed Aug 30, 02:05:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey JLee,

I used to get lunch from a little place in Canberra and the greek woman who owned it used to have the most magnificant beard I've ever seen. It was full and lush and it's black curly locks were always trimmed so beautifully. Lunch and a show... can't beat it!

Wed Aug 30, 02:08:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Shilo,

Your friend, whoever they are, obviously has great taste in short films.

I've done a lot of camera work on longer projects for other people. I think the longest film I've done myself is about an 80mins. It wont be appearing here anytime soon. I might put up a very short animated sequence I did for it... but I need to ask the people I produced it for.

Thanks for dropping through, glad you liked the sprites. I'll make my way to your blog at some stage.

Wed Aug 30, 02:13:00 pm


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