I have a Doughnut!

And you do not... ha!

Take: 41

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

Sweet Sacks of Saccharine!

That's pugnacious!

Mon Feb 26, 02:13:00 pm

Blogger Brookelina mused...

You also have man-boobs.

And a disturbingly long tongue.

Mon Feb 26, 02:54:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Gyrobo! Is not! Wanna fight about it?

Mon Feb 26, 03:26:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Brook, You leave my moobs out of this...

Actually My body is more inclined to look like this. The tongue is true to like though.

Mon Feb 26, 03:37:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

Wow, not at all like I pictured you in my lurid fantasies...er, imagination.

Mon Feb 26, 03:40:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Actually, JLee, it's not me.

It's one of Japes, errrrm, I guess you could say... um... one of Japes... friends? His name is Halibut.

So please, continue with your... um... imaginations.

PS. You're in my fantasies too, only look, sound, and act exactly like my girlfriend.

Mon Feb 26, 03:50:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Thank you for finally dispelling the myth that couch potatoes are lazy!

It takes a great deal of athleticism to catch a doughnut in the air with your tounge!

Mon Feb 26, 04:15:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

! Exactly Diana ! And precision too. Halibut is in the process of licking off each individual cinnamon molecule one at a time. He would have won gold at the Couch Potato Olympics last year but he was too lazy to turn up... um... I mean, too busy, yes, busy to turn up.

Mon Feb 26, 04:27:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

I can see, he has great technique, but if men and women could compete in the same category I think I could take him.

I do really well in the "onemoreonly" endurance competition in which you walk to the cabnit and eat an M&M, then return to the couch, then get back up to the cabnit for "onemoreonly" and repeat the cycle until you run out of M&M's, or get a stomach ache, at which point you take a 10 minute break, then resume.

Mon Feb 26, 04:54:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

That's fantastic work! But you do know you're burning more calories by getting up and walking to the cabinet than is contained in the M&M. That's an automatic disqualification.

Mon Feb 26, 05:15:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Incorrect. The rule you are thinking of was created in response to the 1992 controversy when the British team won the "onemoreonly" competition by eating all of the fish & chip leftovers in the styrofoam container, but they were disqualified because they hadn't eaten lunch beforehand.

You are only disqualified if the junkfood does not contribute to long term weight gain. (I checked with judge I. M. Anginarisk and he confirmed this)

Mon Feb 26, 05:38:00 pm

Blogger jin mused...

Your drawing is amusingly fantastic!
However, he's quite a turnoff, even w/ that tongue thing.

(Most unlike that *DROOLWORTHY* link you gave brook...do you sell those? If so, I'd like 2 please. So I will always have one ready & waiting! Must go fantacize now. BYE!)

Mon Feb 26, 07:09:00 pm

Blogger Calzone mused...

You sick fuck.

Tue Feb 27, 09:29:00 am

Blogger Arcturus mused...

You really look like that, Rich/G3TFilms?? Hmmm. If so, we should talk.

Actually, I look more like this ... that horse must've really kicked me in the head afterall...

Tue Feb 27, 01:30:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Hehehe, Diana! Sorry I had to run off last night in the middle of our serious discussion on the rules of "onemoreonly". I think you need to check your advice, I. M. Anginarisk has been under official investigation since he faked the Japanese teams cholesterol tests. We knew something was up when one of the team members was eating sushi when technically he should have been dead.

Tue Feb 27, 02:43:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Jin, I apologise... not for his unsightly appearance (Yes, Halibut is an ex-boxer turned fat and pacifist) but for the fact he's not eating a pastry from your baksexery.

OK, OK, I don't look like that photo. I used to when I was playing sport but now, well, it's pretty much like that with less muscle. My younger brother the Trapeze Artist still looks like that, I'd send you him but he seems happy with his girlfriend.

Tue Feb 27, 02:48:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Calzone, I love you... um... I mean, coming from you that's a compliment. Usually you don't take time out from sucking toes and sniffing glue to insult something I've produced. I'm honoured.

Hope you and the Monkstar are good bro.

Tue Feb 27, 02:49:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Arcturus... buddy... as far as I'm concerned you can think of me looking like this. It'll save you any heart ache, and me an uncomfortable pause.

Tue Feb 27, 02:52:00 pm

Blogger Brookelina mused...

You know how I love me my Bond. Now if you look like that AND have donuts, you can expect me for breakfast.

Tue Feb 27, 02:57:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Of course I do, which is why I chose the photo. I'm such a tease.

Alas, my body is not like that... anymore... ok, it was never quite like that. Who has that much time to exercise?

Although, I do have it on very good authority that I have the best ___ in the world. I leave that to your imagination.

Tue Feb 27, 03:16:00 pm

Blogger jin mused...

"I have the best ___ in the world."

Well, gee Rich.

I know the answer to that one!!!

*jin gets ready to run away fast*

I have the best commenters in the world.


Tue Feb 27, 09:08:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

I think he means "kneecap".

I could go for a donut right now.

Wed Feb 28, 12:42:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

If you weren't so right Jin you'd be in a lot of trouble right now.

Wed Feb 28, 09:53:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

No JLee, let's not go crazy, I have the third best kneecaps in the world.

Yeah, the doughnut was tasty. It was a Jam Doughnut, Mmmmm, yum.

Wed Feb 28, 09:55:00 am

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

I'll bite...who has the first and second best kneecaps in the world?

I am a little suspicious about your feelings about I. M. Anginarisk, because he voted against the Australian team last year. There are even rumors that the Australian team was trying to bribe the judges with vegamite. Were you involved?

Wed Feb 28, 02:21:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous mused...

How does one aquire pupils like that? And how much???

Thu Mar 01, 01:24:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

It's very nice & strangely hypnotizing.

what's with the letters in the left hand corner? your intials?

Thu Mar 01, 02:04:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

That Diana is a secret, secret list that cannot be divulged in a forum as public as this... basically cause I'm in the process of hunting them down with a lead pipe. There can be only one!

Australians don't have to bribe anyone with anything. We're terrible at Onemoreonly. Probably because our chosen item for participation is beer. By the time you're up to your 12th M&M we're catatonic. It's a fun game to play though.

Thu Mar 01, 08:30:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Squid, I think you know the answer to both those questions. The true question is, why does it always result in Doughnuts?

Thu Mar 01, 08:32:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Thanks L>t, I don't think it's one of my best drawings but it is fun.

I believe the letters in the left corner are S.N.A.X. I'm not sure what it stands for but it's certainly not my initials. Actually, I think it stands for Simply Nude And X-Rated... well, that or Snacks.

Thu Mar 01, 08:34:00 am

Blogger Ticharu mused...

That is really well done while being lurid and sick as few other artists can match! I'm not sure yoou should be applauded for this Rich... Did I laugh? Yes, but that's besides the point!

Thu Mar 01, 12:09:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

As long as you laughed Tichy, as long as you laughed... hang on, why is this being considered so lurid and sick? I don't understand, to me it's just a pic of a stoned fat guy enjoying a doughnut. Please explain?

Thu Mar 01, 12:16:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Huh? Word Verifications seem broken all over blogger. It's a plot to stop me commenting. A plot I say!

That's it, I'm releasing the CodeMonkeys. Blogger will kow tao before the awesome might and destructive force of the CodeMonkeys. But first, I must bend the CodeMonkeys to my will with some... hey! Who took all the eananas? Crap, what am I going to do with a room full of berserk CodeMonkeys and no way to control them.

This is why blogger gets broken in the first place.

Thu Mar 01, 12:28:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Oh hang-on, it's only Firefox. Stupid Firefox. It's a Firefox plot to stop me commenting. A plot I, ohhh who can be bothered.

Thu Mar 01, 12:36:00 pm

Blogger Ticharu mused...

That tongue and what it's attached to... even the 'donut' us lurid! It's completely warped man, but that's why we're here!!

Thu Mar 01, 03:11:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

"...and what it's attached to", Hahaha. That's funny! Who would have thought a stoned hippy ex-boxer named Halibut with a penchant for pastries would be considered lurid. I consider him normal... yuh, after re-reading that I guess I am warped.

Glad you enjoy it Tich!

Thu Mar 01, 03:42:00 pm

Blogger melanie mused...

That tongue is magnifique...is it really that..long?? Hmmm...?
well...I shall say no more only that..it is enough to make the mind boggle!

Sun Mar 04, 10:40:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Mel, shhhhh, don't tell anyone but it's only a drawing, shhhhh.

Mon Mar 05, 01:35:00 pm

Blogger jamwall mused...

dude, the chicks will be all over you with that shit.

you're my hero.

Mon Mar 05, 03:15:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Yeah, Chaim Witz wasn't the most charming member of KISS but the ladies certainly loved the tongue.

No, no, no, no, you're MY hero!

Tue Mar 06, 09:13:00 am

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

I don't want it anymore.

Wed Mar 07, 01:21:00 pm


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