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Another milestone... 101 posts, which is kinda like 101 Dalmatians without the yapping, bad smelling canned food, and pee stained carpet. Wait... no, it's completely like 101 Dalmatians.

I've been preparing for my Documentary shoot tommorrow. It's going to be one of those normal sort of days... shooting at a Theatre first thing in the morning with a traditional Shakespearean cross dressing actor, at a bicycle store with Unicycles and fire juggling after morning tea, then it's the playstation Pro Evo 6 one man soccer world championship after our catered lunch, and finally after dinner we're going to be going inter-galatic with a telescope powerful enough to see the lunar buggies left behind on the moon (damn those never-went-to-the-Moon conspiracy guys really made sure the little details were taken care of...). It's going to be a long, long, fun, fun, FUN day. I'm very much looking forward to it.

I was out shooting some Theatre pick-ups the other day and thought I'd include this in my production schedule...

You can see more beautiful creations over at Gnat of Glass' place! Third place rocks!

Hope everyone is having fun out there... stay cool!


OK, let's keep this part short so all you lovely semi-concerned people are in the loop; biopsy on Wednesday morning to find out if my now confirmed tumour is a benign and friendly dictator or if it's one of those aggressive little buggers that looks all innocent up until a few seconds before it tries to kill me... with numchucku!

I got to tell my family about it on Saturday. A totally bizarre moment in life... I wasn't about to tell them about the lump (and have them upset for nothing) until I was in a position to tell them all the info and options, I guess knowing it's a tumour and what the Docs will do depending on what type of tumour is probably enough info to share with them... still, a weird thing to have to make those types of phone calls. And I can confirm that ringing up and saying in an excited voice, "Hey you'll never guess what I got... No, go on, guess... Oh, you'll never guess, a Tumour! Yay, that's right, I got a TuMour (implied French accented connotation)", is not the right way to break the news. Oh well, live and learn.

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Blogger jin mused...

I got a marble just almost exactly like that!!!!!
But I haven't posted about it yet.
*Shame, jin*
I will... soon... been busy :-S

Have FUN with your shoot! Shoot... I bet you already shot your shoot. Crap. I'm late again.

Sending good vibes to your head...
NO! Not that one....
Sheesh! I'm trying to be serious here! Quit laughing! Actually, don't quit laughing... well, only if it's really inapproprite.

Mon Sep 24, 05:54:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

What a boring life you lead, Rich. Documentaries, cross dressers, tumors. So mundane..geez. Seriously though, I will be praying it's a friendly little wimpy lump that will not cause you any trouble in leaving whatsoever. :)

Tue Sep 25, 01:11:00 pm

Blogger Gnat of Glass mused...

I have good mojo in the marble. I made them specific for the contest winners. I made them all at the same time from the same pieces of glass. So the one that Jen, Jewels, and you now have are all brothers or sisters if you like that better.

At the bottom of each piece you will see where it was connected to the others. Looks like a small little ring of black where all the colors come together. A singularity...I never get that word out in a sentence.

Anyway, so know I only have 1 more of those narbles that look like that left. One is Canada, one is in Austriala, on is in Hawaii and one is in Florida. The last one will be given away in the next contest.

Jen has the little brother/sister marble about 1/2 that size.

I wish you the best of luck on the medical front. Clear is what we are all hoping for.


Wed Sep 26, 01:13:00 am

Anonymous L>T mused...

Oh art stuff is exciting. & marbles even...little concentrated glass eye worlds.

tumors on the other hand...did I ever tell you about watching my husband get a biopsy on/in his groin? UGH!

Wed Sep 26, 01:45:00 am

Blogger Ticharu mused...

Why did you get a tumor??? Put it back where you found it man, it's not good!

Wed Sep 26, 10:31:00 am

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

By the time you read this I am sure you have already had your interesting day. How cool to see the buggies on the moon! Did you see Xenu?

Thanks for keeping us abreast of the medical stuff.

I knew you would like it that I typed "a breast"

Wed Sep 26, 10:48:00 am

Blogger Wendy mused...

I've had bigger tumoUrs than that on my eyeball....

Hope you are well, friend. Now quit being a jerk and making me all worried and shit.

Thu Sep 27, 06:05:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Jin! Joking and laughing about head tumours? How could you!?

Disgusting... Well, OK, I've been doing it since I found out! If you can't have a laugh about life's little predicaments then you might as well be dead already :)

The Marbles are awesome aren't they. Having read Gnat's comment, I think it's cooool that we have marbles from the same family.

Actually you weren't late when you left the comment. I shot on the day after. It all went really well... no major hiccups, the lighting was a little shitty but that was my fault not having enough time to set them properly. Oh well, it's only a student farce.

Thu Sep 27, 01:38:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Yeah, I could do with a little more on my plate JLee. My life's all so incredibly easy going at the moment. Just to spice things up I'm thinking about taking up nekkid scorpion juggling.

Thu Sep 27, 01:41:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Gnat, thanks for the Mojo man. I think it was a great idea to make them sisters of the same piece of glass. Now all I need to do is discover how to access their magic powers. I hoping it will give me power over the other holders like the Eye of Sauron. That way I can make Jin bake me cakes!!!!

I think you should try and get one on every continent. That would be too cool!

Thu Sep 27, 01:45:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

L>t, Glass eye worlds... nice idea. Although that makes me feel like the god of whoever is inhabiting my little glass world... I am a wrathful god, constantly throwing the marble up in the air and catching it again. I guess that's better than leaving them on the shelf to get dusty :)

Ah, no you didn't but having just been through the procedure yesterday I would really prefer not to hear the story. Biopsy's suck ass wherever you're getting them!

Thu Sep 27, 01:49:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

TICHARU!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no chat Brother. Hope you're doing well.

*Shrugs* No idea why I got it, some people have postulated it came from listening to too many PFE albums. I don't believe that... although we can't scientifically prove them wrong.

I tried putting it back but unfortunately I'd have to leave my entire head behind too... actually, I guess that's not a real problem... yeah, I'll put it back.

Thu Sep 27, 01:54:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Actually by the time you left that message Diana, I had not only had my interesting day I had just finished having my head needled... but I can sort of tell you don't reeeeeally want to know... no news is good news right? Don't worry, I don't want to know either!

We couldn't actually see the buggies, we didn't have the filtered eye piece for the Moon so it was too bright for us to see anything other than general blur.

You can leave you breast here any time :)

Thu Sep 27, 01:59:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Ummm...yes Wendy, I will quit being a jerk... good advice!

I am perfectly well and happy. I've also just been elected president of the universe and had an orgy with 50 perfectly breasted women... that's one boob for each second I lasted ;)

Hope you're doing good Wendy! Say hi from me to that big lunk of a hubby of yours.

Thu Sep 27, 02:06:00 pm

Blogger melanie mused...

hey Rich
congrats on the 101...
I have been away visitingthe lesser spotted ticharu :)

PLease take care and I am sending you lots of Witchy blessings that will blast that tumour out to kingdom come (they do work sometimes so I am told!).


Fri Sep 28, 06:08:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Mel!

That must have been excellent, I hope the environment of the lesser spotted Ticharu with it's daub impregnated hole wasn't too rudimentary for you? Although I have heard it said the song of the lesser spotted Ticharu is worth any discomfort to hear it in it's natural environment.

See, that's how I got into this trouble in the first place... never piss off an old gypsy women :)

Fri Sep 28, 03:56:00 pm

Blogger concerned citizen mused...

hmmmm, well, It's nice to know your brain tumor hasn't affected your mind.

Sun Sep 30, 11:29:00 am

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

That marble makes me feel swirly and pearlescent inside. More pearlescent than usual, at any rate. Stupid spellcheck, I know damn well that pearlescent is a real word.

Anyway, luck on the biopsy. Hopefully its a freeloader and not an aggressor. Your initial method of tumor notification seems best, to me.

Mon Oct 01, 08:32:00 am

Blogger Ian mused...

I can arrange for Charlie (Charley) to take care of this but you must truy believe.

Regardless I will have him pray on you tonight.

Mon Oct 01, 10:57:00 am

Blogger Ticharu mused...

Mel and I wrote a couple pieces while she was here, one of them is up on my blog, called The Flawless Limp.

Wed Oct 03, 02:52:00 am

Blogger poopee shmoopee mused...

my dad had a benign brain tumour removed about 10 years ago and has no recurrance. he's living proof you can survive that shit.

Sat Oct 06, 01:40:00 am


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