Why is that post still there?

Cause I've had a very happy Xmas and New Year.

How about you?

Take: 7

Blogger handmaiden mused...

New year, new beginning...I'm happy!


Wed Jan 02, 02:34:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous mused...

Do they have New Year's in Aussieland? I thought it was called Chazzwazzler's Day where every one throws boomerangs at yankee tourists quaffing Foster's.

For what it's worth, Happy New Year!

Thu Jan 03, 01:07:00 pm

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Happy New Year, Rich. When will the golden apple land on that little platform?

Fri Jan 04, 02:35:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Good to hear L>t, good to hear!

Fri Jan 04, 12:48:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Chazzwazzler's Day is January 25th Squid! I'm surprised you've heard of it... not many Americans make it out alive to tell the tale.

Happy New Year to you too dude!

Fri Jan 04, 12:50:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Yo SafeT, Happy New Year to you too!

Good question... the answer is 'never'. Although in the film the guy does get the apple in the end... but then gives it away. That crazy selfless dude! In the actually film there is no apple on the platform... only a duck!

Fri Jan 04, 01:12:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

"In the actually film"

Oh my!

Fri Jan 04, 01:13:00 pm


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