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I was going to put up some more Encapsulate stuff, but the material I had in mind had to be put off in favour of work... I know, can you believe people actually expect me to do work for my money ;)

Anyway, so instead of putting up a whole new world, you'll just have to be satisfied with a quick portrait I did of the kindly overseers of the Pollen Factory. I actually imagine their barriers (I don't like that word; what should I call them? Call it a Control, maybe?) to be somewhat smoother than this and maybe more white than yellow. I like the idea that there are small gaps in their Control (not bad) which allow them avenues through which to work or talk or whatever...

Although there are many ways that people form an avenue through their Control; the easiest way I thought to describe how those gaps form would be that if a young child had a puppy, they would obviously want to play with each other and press against the Control. That mindful determined pressure would cause a gap to occur. My guess with children being introduced to a new pet the avenue would form fairly quickly, you could probably watch it happen. But when, say, two much older people meet it may take an enormous amount of time for that sort of reaction to occur, if it did at all... Does that make sense? Well, I it does to me. Mind you none of this would be verbally touched upon in the short I have in mind. It's good to know how it works though and I might show some of it visually as the community (not on the Pollen Factory but another Terrarium) decides on how to deal with the young person in the post below after his 'problem'.

Interestingly, he doesn't have a name yet... I wonder what it is? I guess I wont find out until there is a community that accepts him and gives him one.

Anyway, I've got this work thing to do... I think I'd much prefer to work on this type of thing instead.

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Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

I suppose it depends on what the older people are hoping to do with one another ... and who is in control of those Controls anyway ... is it ok for me to say that control is a bit this world and perhaps not the world of the Pollen Factory

... No? ok I'll just go stand in the corner until I'm invited back ;)

ps I like the look of the kindly oversers

Mon Mar 02, 09:13:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

TeeHee! I suppose it does Bimbimbie.

I think in some respects we're in control of the Controls we're aware of, some occur as a natural part of our emotional response to things and some we have no control of at all.

Of course you can give feedback like that. This world is as new to me as anyone here. I'm still trying to work it out. Any suggestions as to what you'd call it? What about calling it a Verge?

I like the looks of them too, I'm just not sure of the colour choices I'm making for them though. But that'll all come out in the wash.

Tue Mar 03, 12:11:00 am

Blogger Ticharu mused...

They should pay people just for thinking and creating stuff and for just being. I think that's a real good idea actually cuz it would save on resources.

I think my guests have arrived!


Tue Mar 03, 05:15:00 am

Blogger Ruela mused...

Little Pee Wee ;)

Very Nice Tribal Drawing,
I like the ancient.

Tue Mar 03, 08:03:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Tich, they do. But its not like there's an international body of gift givers who deem one dreamer to be more worthy than another and give them unlimited resources. The trick is to pull those dreams down into reality and make them something solid and tangible, like music or film or paintings or whatever that people will want to experience.

Once you have a proven track record in going through that process then there will be people who will pay you for it.

Unfortunately not all our dreams are right for the time or space they are born into. Once there was an unknown painter whose work was so misunderstood and reviled he thought it love to cut his ear off...

Tue Mar 03, 08:41:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Little Pee Wee? That's, like, genius! From now on he will be known as Ruela PeWiztagamlon. Or Little Pee Wee for short.

Thanks dude!

DUDE! I know what you mean about the Ancients, I've been thinking there's some type of Norse like background to them. So I did an image search on the Norse just to see how close these characters are to them... MAAAAAN! Look at THIS!

I mean, how freak'n cool is that.

Tue Mar 03, 08:49:00 am

Blogger Ruela mused...


wow, that's very cool...fantastic image! Good job.

Tue Mar 03, 10:12:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Maybe, I'm channelling Norse mythology. Of well, it'll give me further reading to do when developing stories.

Tue Mar 03, 11:22:00 am

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

How about vessel in place of control you can travel in them, contain something within them, they maintain life and function as blood vessel, and pressure vessel to hold or release the pollen pressure perhaps*?*

Tue Mar 03, 02:13:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Well, I don't think it's a bad word to describe these things but it's one that's overused by the Sci-fi community to describe anything from flying-ships to young women carrying a baby. Hmmmm, it's probably over used by the religiosity types too.

Let's not go with vessel no matter how good a suggestion it is.

Tue Mar 03, 02:49:00 pm

Blogger Ticharu mused...

Philosophy! I can add that to my list!!! Thanks Rich!

Tue Mar 03, 03:10:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Yeah, but seeing as none of our philosophies seem to work you may want to discuss those for a lower rate of pay.

Tue Mar 03, 03:30:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

ha ha*!* that's what happens when you don't read sci-fi or anything religious ... off back into my corner ;(

Tue Mar 03, 04:07:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Check it for snakes!

Tue Mar 03, 04:25:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

I did*!* How did she know I looked like that and with my mug of tea ... freaky - I'm coming out of the corner right this very mo ROFL *!*

Tue Mar 03, 05:13:00 pm

Blogger Ces mused...

Oh gee. These Controls can be very helpful especially if one has allergies from someone very toxic! I just recently put up a barrier on me but I opened an area for some one who has treskaidekaphobia and comes as a Paper Version of himself.

Really, aside from this being a metaphorical science fiction, this type of work provides ample opportunity for some lofty philosophical dissertation. Your description of controls and older people is very real. As I read Bimbimbie's comment I agree that it totally depends on what adults want or seek. However, there are times when neither want anything, seek nothing but find something worthwhile and viola!

Tue Mar 03, 10:57:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Haha! Much better to sit in the highest window of the tallest tower anyways, Bimbimbie.

Wed Mar 04, 09:36:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Oh Ces, toxic people do have all sorts of issues with their controls don't they. And they're so boring with their conceited blah, blahing.

I'd watch out for that treskaidekaphobia person, my guess is he's just trick-aidekaphobian you on that point.

Hopefully they wont get too lofty, I'm a simple sort of a person. I wouldn't want to get left behind by my own ideas :) Although my description of controls is a very rudimentary one... it doesn't take into account everyday actions, like, not cutting yourself while preparing dinner (a beneficial control), or a fear of public speaking (something non beneficial), etc, etc...

I'm glad people understand it though, now, if only I can deftly put it up on screen without over dramatising it.

Wed Mar 04, 09:50:00 am

Blogger Ces mused...

On the contrary toxic persons arrive on the scene with all the charm and wit. Then when you feel relaxed and comfortable, that's when they start clawing!

Wed Mar 04, 10:02:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Well, I meant once you realise they're a toxic person but yes, there would be no opening up if we didn't think they weren't at least normal.

They have claws? Eeep! What kinds of people are these that have claws. Evvvvol pooples!

Wed Mar 04, 11:55:00 am

Blogger The Phosgene Kid mused...

So I take it they do a lot of cross pollinating??

Wed Mar 04, 12:13:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

If they didn't it would be a little strange, Phos. Just don't ask me how they use the giant wasp...

Wed Mar 04, 12:33:00 pm

Blogger jin mused...

I'd much prefer to work on that type of thing jinstead too.
I'll model for you for free... not that I'm trying to get away from my earthly responsibilities or anything...

Wed Mar 04, 01:55:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

With you modelling we wouldn't be get much work done anyway, Jin, 'cause, you know, well, yeah, that's right, I'd be sending you to the kitchen all the time to make me scrumptious snacks!

Wed Mar 04, 02:23:00 pm


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