Fast food IS bad for you.

"I was this close to getting my Big Mac."

What a fat idiot. What? Never heard of room service? For 30G I would have flown down to Melbourne, bought him a Big Mac (or ten by the looks of him, I think that's even a serve of fries in his front pocket) and brought it to his room. Hell, I would have even chewed it for him and I hate Maccas.

Oh well, Serves him right! We can't all be that stupid.

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Blogger Scarlet Hip mused...

Yes, of course he's American. Why did I bother to look.

Tue Jan 22, 01:20:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

I was wondering why people were avoiding this post like the plague. I just figured no-one liked a fat joke.

I certainly wasn't poking fun at Americans. Any idiot who publicly cashes out $30000 dollars and then takes it to Maccas at 4:30am is totally deserving of ridicule.

This guy is no longer American... He's an international muppet!

Wed Jan 23, 10:05:00 am

Anonymous handmaiden mused...

You mean you have obese people in Australia, too?

You know in my new life I'm going to try really hard to live simpler. I think if I just had my computer & artistic expression, I'll be Ok.

Oh & my home gym, gotta keep in shape!
& my library...Those oriental rugs I bought...the antique opium pipe...that's important...& that fancy clock...Oh Fuck!

Thu Jan 24, 01:46:00 pm

Anonymous handmaiden mused...

BTW you could comment over there once in a while.

Thu Jan 24, 01:49:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Ha, we have no obese people in Australia at all... this person is an American. You see, we have to import fat. Yuh, that's it... honest...

Yeah, OK, Australia is succumbing to the same ills as every other western nation. Hand me another burger!

I couldn't live without my comforts either. They're too, well, comfortable.

You have a blog that works???

Fri Jan 25, 08:45:00 am

Blogger jin mused...

That's the only reason I post nekkid pics of myself on the internet... to prove that I'm not just another fat american!

*Shit. I didn't just admit what I think I did, did I?!*

Fri Jan 25, 11:21:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Yep, where do I find these pictures???? I need proof you're not a fat American. Honestly, that's all they're for...

I'd post nekkid pictures of myself on the Internet too but, you know, I'm more of a behind the camera sort of guy.

Fri Jan 25, 11:51:00 am


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