Sometimes we're presented with situations in which we react intuitively. The problem is, intuition is fluffy. It's not even like flipping a coin where you know you're going get 50-50 odds on being right. My intuition is usually pretty good, but this one time I even flipped a coin 32 consecutive times with the result being heads (thankyou Rosencrantz and Guildenstern).

Anyway, back to those situations and reactions, after a recent event I was thinking, more fuming... fuming is more fun and the smoke trails give you something purty to look at while working out what the hell is going on... Anyway, I was fuming when I remembered it's not necessarily the situation you find yourself in it's more about your reaction to that event. Memory is good, K.

This one time, at band camp, well, on the railway platform fairly late at night. I was waiting for my train when I saw some drunk guy, who was chatting to some girl, grab her breast. You could tell straight away from her reaction that she didn't know the guy, she was cool but obviously disturbed by the event. Now, my reaction was to start walking directly towards them with the idea being to move between them, feign some sort of long-lost friendship with the girl, and walk away with her to the guards compartment. Intuitively, that's the way I'd deal with that event, the drunk isn't the problem. The girl being within arms length of the drunk is the problem. If the drunk turned his attentions towards me after that... well, that's another matter.

Unfortunately for the inebriated-sexually-harassing-dipshit he made a little mistake, despite her protestations he decided to have another grope, I was even close enough to hear him say "What? You should like it!". Idiot. His mistake being that a much, much, MUCH, larger gentleman who was closer than me noticed and beat the living crap out of him. When I say 'beat' I really mean the colossus' first move was to pick the drunk up above his head and throw him three metres into a vending machine. He then proceeded to stomp on the guy until platform security arrived. Impressive. Intuitive. Ina-spot-of-trouble-with-the-police. Well, not really trouble, they shook the colossus' hand, took a statement, and sent him on his way. His way was to remove the drunk from the equation...

But yeah, that's two ways to react to an event... what would you have done?

Me, I'm not a colossus, I don't react like one, nor should I try.

Anyway, more Bees. Sorry to those who are afraid of them but I'm thinking of turning these into oil paintings. Sorry, fuming of turning these into oil paintings... no... wait...

I'm on 'walkabout' next week. I'll be around a 'puter, but hopefully not too often.

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Anonymous Cyndy Lu Who mused...

I think bees are pretty.:) I got stung once by one on the butt. It was a bumble bee. But it was my fault because I didn't look down before I sat down on him.:P

Fri Sep 15, 02:16:00 pm

Blogger BallerinaGurl mused...

So was your smoke from the fumes colored? Beautiful photo! I think an oil painting would be fab!

Fri Sep 15, 02:19:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Cyndy Lu, welcome to this warm little outpost of the blogosphere...

They are pretty, especially fluffy bumble bees. Being stung, I can never really feel bad about it. It's a 'OK, you got me but you're going to die for it'. Seems like a fair trade to me.

Fri Sep 15, 02:28:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

It may seem a little girly BG but I think they were lavendar... Yep, that's me, grrrrrr, I'm tough and angry and smoking lavendar...

Who knows about the oil painting. I haven't done an oil since highschool. It's really not my medium and the viscosity is a little scary. Acrylics are much more managable. But not being comfortable with something is a good sign it needs to be confronted. Oh yeah, and it's fun.

Fri Sep 15, 02:32:00 pm

Anonymous Cyndy Lu Who mused...

See- that's the thing. I feel bad that he had to die because I sat on him. :(

I had a water plant growing out of this little plastic bird bath on my patio this summer, and this wasp kept visiting it every Sunny day and just floating in it and sun bathing on the leaves. :) He was so cool. Just like a little person in one of those stripey bathing suits from the 1920's. LOL!

I have to go do my exercises now. Take care and I love the pretty pictures. I am not much for staring into screens so sorry I didn't comment on the first one, my eyes are sensitive and I get overwhelmed. :P But it's so cool! It looks like paper cut-outs mixed with photography and ceramics.

Fri Sep 15, 02:41:00 pm

Anonymous Cyndy Lu Who mused...

And so far as oil paint goes, I'm not sure I'd ever want to confront it. But thing is, the last time tried them was before they improved oils. I have heard that the new ones are much more user friendly. But that will be when I am retired, most likely. :)

Fri Sep 15, 02:47:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Cyndy Lu... go do your exercises an stop playing on the computer.

There are billions of bees. The death of one, whether we like it or not, is factored into the natural system. No need to empath too deeply, sounds like misplaced guilt. Remember, it was an accident.

I love your descripton of the wasp. I undertake similar forms of entertainment. We had a tiny Preying Mantis on our bin the other day. Better than TV.

Glad you like the pics, they're my pre-scetch sketches which is why they're so obviously multi-media. Otherwise I'd spend a little more time integrating the elements so they weren't so obvious.

Now, go-ornnn, G3t!

Fri Sep 15, 03:37:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

i don't have a particular liking for bees but i do like their lil striped jumpsuit uniforms that they wear everywhere.
i guess an oli painting wud b gr8 but plz keep in mind that u copy their uniforms perfectly n ur paintings...they get really angry if their pockets n zippers r not painted correctly, i've heard.

Fri Sep 15, 06:41:00 pm

Anonymous cyndy lu who mused...

Thanks for cheering me up like that. :P I break out into a rash lately whenever someone mentions God for some reason!

Preying mantis are so cool. :) LOL! And apparently they eat humming birds. Ick! And yes, watching bugs is way better than t.v. Why is that?

Do I get to see the finished product?

Sat Sep 16, 02:05:00 am

Anonymous cyndy lu who mused...

Oh- And this good cop bad cop routine is getting tiresome!

Sat Sep 16, 02:28:00 am

Blogger JLee mused...

This is a tough one, because the "colossus" did well, it would seem he did the right thing, but it may not have turned out like that. I knew a girl a long time ago, whose fiance got into an argument with some men who were yelling at them. It may have been a road rage incident or something, but drinking was involved. Anyway, her fiance ended up getting stabbed and killed. Sorry for the downer, but the moral of the story is, sometimes your intuition is trying to protect you. I guess I might've called the police on my cell or something.

Sat Sep 16, 03:09:00 am

Anonymous cyndy lu who mused...

Well, in the end, so far as humming birds go, I'd rather watch one of those than a preying mantis. They're much prettier, really. Insects are so– cold. Ya know? ;)

Sat Sep 16, 04:27:00 am

Anonymous pal mused...

Don't they make an amazing pattern en masse. But what is that thing in the middle? A carved cow horn? A bit of fuming equipment?

Have a good walkabout.

Sat Sep 16, 11:15:00 am

Blogger JLee mused...

I went to eat Chinese food tonight and the fortune in my cookie said:
"Pay attention to your intuition"

Sat Sep 16, 11:28:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

good advice jlee. I met a crazy woman tonight. My intuitin o<--(go back where you belong o) said stay the hell away from her.

Sat Sep 16, 12:31:00 pm

Anonymous Cyndy Lu Who mused...

Bees are real heavenly creatures. Honey and all… :) Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! That red flower theme is interesting. And the snake skin– kind of biblical.

Sat Sep 16, 12:50:00 pm

Blogger Jane mused...

unicorn rich... get it right..

I'm coming back and reading this later I am so exhausted :)

Sat Sep 16, 01:55:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

I didn't listen to my intuition, apparently, because I cracked my windows in my car to let the heat out, and had it broken into tonight. Bastards

Sat Sep 16, 02:34:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

I wish it was her who threw him into the pop machine (or better- onto the tracks!)

As for intuition, I don't think it is 50-50, if it is 50-50 it is only because you second guessed it.

I think if you follow your intuition, you are doing the right thing (unless you are a drunk pervert)

Sat Sep 16, 03:25:00 pm

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

If I had been there, I'd have approached the drunk, using psychological tricks to amuse myself at his expense.

Of course, I'd have made darting motions with my eyes to tell the lady to make a break for it. I'm very socially conscious.

Sun Sep 17, 07:44:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Just dropped through to read the comments... Interesting comments... Mmmm... I'll be around to your places sometime soon.

PS. DIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been too long *Mwah* Love ya, talk soon :)

Sun Sep 17, 12:03:00 pm

Blogger Arcturus mused...

Well, stomping on him and potentially killing him isn't exactly the best response either. He overpowered him quickly enuf and neutralized the threat he posed to the lady or anyone else ("removed the drunk from the equation.

But thereafter it was his own uncontrolled rage ... and if he can do that to a 'bad' person, it probably can erupt in other situations. Congratulating him was hardly appropriate either. The police aren't a morality squad and I don't think we want to go down that road, however good it felt at that point.

But that's just my view.

Sun Sep 17, 12:03:00 pm

Blogger Bathroom Hippo mused...

Walk-about? But there are fu**ing bee's everywhere man! You can't go on walkabout while bees are invading the United States...taking our precious oil reserves, and setting up illegal military tribunals. WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU?!?


Sun Sep 17, 08:25:00 pm

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Intuition isn't JUST fluffy, its also quite cute.
Colossus not withstanding, I still think your intuitive reaction was the more intelligent and appropriate. Far less legally actionable, in any case, and less likely to make the girl feel perversely guilty.

Sun Sep 17, 11:37:00 pm

Blogger ticharu mused...

I would've pretended to be friends with the drunk, giving the woman time to extricate herself.

Mon Sep 18, 11:43:00 am

Blogger Arcturus mused...

Sorry if I sounded too self-righteous there.

I *do* wish Rich would move beyond the bees thing ... bees scare me. Have you guys ever seen a carpenter or wood bee? Apparently, they 'can't sting' but they are large (up to 1 inch and that's damn big for a bee) and they can perform the most amazing aerodynamics feat.

Tue Sep 19, 05:48:00 am

Blogger NSWE mused...

Hey Rich, I found by chance one of your posts about my work on NSEW and came to say HI and thanks! Des from Libeluria showed it to me :)All the best from Portugal C.

Tue Sep 19, 07:49:00 am

Blogger Jane mused...

Rich! A "walkabout" can I come with you?

Thu Sep 21, 03:39:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

quit "walking about" and post something already. ;)

Fri Sep 22, 07:20:00 am

Blogger Jonathan America mused...

Hey Mr "Satan".


Fri Sep 22, 11:33:00 am

Blogger Jane mused...


I think Jonathan America has some issues... he realized he's gay and should be from your country and not mine.

Fri Sep 22, 01:02:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

Yeah, post something already. Hopefully you aren't in jail.

Sat Sep 23, 11:56:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey everyone, ta for the comments. I'll be around to everyone's blogs soon.

One quick Super Hello and Welcome to NSWE! Everyone should go check out the blog. The work is Awesome!

PS. I'll pass J.Americas comments to Satan. I'm sure he'll be underwhelmed by his intellect.

Sat Sep 23, 12:47:00 pm

Blogger Arcturus mused...

I'm afraid I don't get the "Satan" part. I can't get a close up look of Mr. Jonathan America's picture -- access denied. Ah, well...

Wed Sep 27, 09:44:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Ha! Arcturus, don't worry about Jonathan America. There are some bloggers who think it's funny to abuse others.

As to the Satan thing, he's just referring to a character of mine on a comedic blog I used to run.

Wed Sep 27, 11:36:00 am


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