The Aussie Environment

Who wants to go on a Steve Irwin style rampage through the Aussie Environment. You do of course.

Hope everyone enjoys this one as much as I enjoyed making it. Too much fun. I don't really know what else to say about this little creation, only that this is what happens when you have a spare day, no script, and a rubber c... well, you'll see.

Take: 60

Blogger Monkey mused...

"I'm alright! Bugger."

Genius. I enjoyed every moment of this. I particularly liked when he acknowledged being "just plain paper" in the back. What a brave thing to do.

Off to watch it again.

Fri Oct 27, 09:50:00 am

Blogger axx mused...

Brill. Great laugh. Fab start to an Aussie day - one with sunshine too, for a change! :-)

Fri Oct 27, 09:56:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Monkey! I hope this goes some way to relieve the tension the little poopers are creating in your house.

He may be plain paper in the back but he's not afraid of acknowledging things like this, after wrestling a rubber crocodile things like that seem trivial.

I should also acknowledge that he was terrible inspired by your hot new set of wheels the other week which is why he pulled the 4 Wheel Drive out of the garage.

Fri Oct 27, 10:22:00 am

Anonymous RIch mused...

Axx, G'day mate! Glad to see you're enjoying Sydney. Thanks for your nice owrds about the Vid.

Yuh, sorry about the weather. You poms must of brought it with you ;)

Fri Oct 27, 10:25:00 am

Blogger ticharu mused...

The kids and I had a good laugh! That was awesome! Rediculous and funny, and that wire making the alligator talk, brilliant! Well done.
I watched it 3 times!

Fri Oct 27, 10:35:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Tich, dude, no really, do you know how many times I was beat'n as a kid for making that mistake, no really, just seeing it in black and white makes want to curl up in a ball at the bottom of my safe little cupboard and cry myself to sleep. No really, it's a Crocdile. See, I'm so upset I can't even spell it. Next thing you know, you'll be calling a Koala a bear. *Shudder*

Glad you and the kids enjoyed it :)

The 'wire' is a clear plastic SFX thread used in films to move things without it being seen. Unfortunately you can't use it on a extreme close-up like that and have it invisible, but from a couple of feet away it doesn't show up on camera.

Fri Oct 27, 10:52:00 am

Blogger jin mused...


That was AWESOME rich!

Watched it twice! Will do again, too. Told my husband he had to check it out as well.

My fave part, the singing croc in the end!!! LOL!!!

Fri Oct 27, 11:25:00 am

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

That was so funny!

Did you plan for the truck to be so uncooperative?

Fri Oct 27, 11:43:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

He he, Thanks Jin. It really was a fun spending the day playing in that way.

I was walking to work with my girl today and we were singing. New York, New York, When I suddenly realised the line should have been "I want to eat a part of it..." I would be terribly disappointed if the singing part was anything more than me just checking out if the croc worked. But yes, I had to include it.

Fri Oct 27, 11:43:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Diaaaaana! Glad you liked it.

Truthfully, not at first... but then I realised it was comedy gold! Gold, I tell you! Well, when the truck got stuck on the step I was trying to stop myself from laughing as I pushed it inside, so for the rest of the scenes I did my best to screw it up. I was just keeping myself entertained.

Fri Oct 27, 11:46:00 am

Blogger Bathroom Hippo mused...

Wow Rich! Very well done! Your Stevo voice is always spot on.

My fav part: All those "bugger" parts.

Fri Oct 27, 11:59:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

B-Hip! Thanks man.

The 'bugger' parts were one of my favs as well, mind you, I'm so cheap I just recorded it once and pasted it over various parts.

The Stevo voice is a lot harder than I care to admit. It's nowhere near my normal voice, probably much like your Hippo voice. There were a huge amount of times I'd be halfway through a line and my voice would crack and I'd decend into a coughing fit. Totally worth it thoughm, honey helps.

PS. I love the piece you did with Ticharu.

YES, eveyone should check out the piece that Ticharu did with B-Hips voice.

Fri Oct 27, 12:08:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

rich, you are a freak! Hee hee, ha ha, ho ho.
Oh my gosh, I'm puking(vomiting) with laughter!
I've GOT to figure out how to make movies.

Fri Oct 27, 01:53:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

l>t, in Austrayla we call it Chundering, say it with me, Chun-der-ing.

Fri Oct 27, 02:03:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

hahahahah...I thought he was a ginormous "dick-HEAD" lol
awesome! I laughed, I cried, I want to go to the "fridge" for a beer. The giant hand was particularly terrifying.

Sat Oct 28, 04:47:00 am

Blogger ticharu mused...

Are you talkin' about those cute fuzzy little Kola Bears that live in the trees and eat Kola leaves? Of course those are bears! Vegen bears who live in trees.
Alligoaters and crocdills are the same walking fish with teeth, nasty lizards that eat joggers, more power to 'em!
Next I suppose you'll be tellin' me that a kangeroo isn't a giant rat, and that ortiches don't walk around with their heads in the sand, and that a refrigerator is where you keep the beer!

Sat Oct 28, 08:36:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

JLee, You wouldn't be the first girl to say that with an endearing note in the voice. I take it as quite the compliment, there's not too many guys who can be a ginormous dickhead and get away with it :)

Giant hand? What giant hand? I saw nothing, nothing I tell you!

Glad you liked it, go get yourself a beeah.

Sat Oct 28, 10:59:00 am

Anonymous Rih mused...

Eeeeeeeep! T-t-t-t-tich! Noooooooo!

OK, your right except that Crocs don't eat Joggers. German tourists, it's always German tourists. Apparently the 'No swimming. Crocodiles!' signs translate in German to 'put your tent 2 metres from the water, eat fried meats, and go swimming before the mandatory half an hour is up.'

It's unfortunate but at least it keeps us Bundaberg Rum and Kola's entertained.

Sat Oct 28, 11:07:00 am

Blogger JLee mused...

you need more days off so we can have more adventures of cardboard Steve Irwin!

Sat Oct 28, 11:50:00 am

Blogger arthbard mused...

"Crikey! Look what I've just spotted in the exact opposite direction to where I was looking!"

Americans are also averse to big words. One day, maybe we'll just start calling it the "fr."

Sat Oct 28, 12:09:00 pm

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

By the pale moonbeams, he's done it again!

If this was YouTube, I'd register and give it a five. Seriously. Very good. Excellent. Synonym for excellent.

Sat Oct 28, 12:36:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

fuck(is that a bad word in the down-under dingo(baby eAting) I mean lingo. Cripes! I forgot what my whole point was. you can delkete this if you want.

Sat Oct 28, 01:45:00 pm

Blogger Monkey mused...

Monkey! I hope this goes some way to relieve the tension the little poopers are creating in your house.

Two seven year old boys and one seven year old girl destroying the house is not a synonym for "peaceful" or "serene". So your Little Steve Irwin Adventure went a long way in relieving some of my pre-migraine symptoms.

Monkey is jealous of Steve's wheels and is demanding I purchase him a similar vehicle. He likes the fact that it is powered by something other than human hands. Damn you. He's demanding enough as it is. I'm going to get bitten over this, I can tell.

Monkey's Human

Sat Oct 28, 11:22:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

Steve still drives better than my husband...

Sun Oct 29, 06:02:00 am

Blogger Ashley mused...


made me dayyy =P

Sun Oct 29, 06:42:00 am

Blogger ticharu mused...

Ever heard the Yardbirds song 'Under Down Sideways Kola'?

Sun Oct 29, 10:49:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

Crikey JLee, Cardboard?

I might be nuth'n but white paper on the back but I ain't cardboard. I'm a recycled 80gsm bubblejet bleed'n beauty.

But you're right, that Rich fella leaves me in the spare bedroom for days on end while he goes off to some place called work. It's quite frustrat'n, he never printed me legs. Bugger!

Sun Oct 29, 11:21:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

Bard of Arth, thanks for drop'n through to see me little show.

Grab us a cple of br from the fr and make yrsf comfy mate. Blimey, that makes sense, I gunna talk like that more of'en.

Sun Oct 29, 11:25:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

Well blow me down if it aint a true blue Robot. Thanks Mate!

Just fer that, I'm gunna put this little beauty on YouTube n see what happens. Nice! <-- synonomonim for Beaut!

Sun Oct 29, 11:28:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

L>t, Fuck no! It's no worse ere than it is in the States. It's a good solid word used for a lot of things. I like a word that undergoes constant evolution. Crikey, I'm not sure I understood what I just said. It's jus' not a word that should be used when there's a good chance there's a few little tykes 'anging around.

I know that Rich fella dont like delketing stuff, unless he thinks it's funny. But 'e dont always knows wots funny, he ran me over with a bleed'n croc! That jus' aint funny!

Sun Oct 29, 11:34:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

Monkeys Human, Blimey! I didn't mean to cause no trouble between you and the primate. I'd happily let Monkey drive me Ute if I ever manage to get it back off that Croc. It's the fourth car he's stolen this month. I love Crocs, but some of em jus go plain bonkers when they git aroun humans.

Now, as for the monkey and the little poopers, if they're caus'n a problem in the local environment, wot ya gotta do is git in behin em with five or six of ya mates an then pounce. Make sure ya go for the head and git a rope aroun their mouths... wait, that's fer Crocs. Um, I'vefound dangling them in front of a Croc tends to work wonders. Good ratings too!

Sun Oct 29, 11:42:00 am

Blogger Jane mused...

I can't believe I actually watched the whole thing.

Sun Oct 29, 11:43:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

JLee, Thanks Darl'n.

I ave no excuse fer me bad driv'n. I'm usually much better but the producer seemed ta think it'd be good fer a laugh.

Sun Oct 29, 11:44:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

Ash, G'day, nice ta see ya came back.

That's wot it's all about mate! Have a good one.

Sun Oct 29, 11:46:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

Tich, me fellow wildlife warrior, I can't say I have but that wont stop me from check'n it out.
I'll get that bleed'n mongrel Rich ta download it.

Sun Oct 29, 11:57:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...

G'day Janey!

It probably aint your cuppa tea but I'm glad you gave it a good shot.

I wish you hadn't watched the whole thing, I dunno if I like the end'n, wot with the squish'n an all.

Sun Oct 29, 12:00:00 pm

Anonymous Kitchen Croc mused...

I thought I finished that larrikin off. He really is a ginormous dick!

Sun Oct 29, 12:01:00 pm

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Ok, where the hell did my comment go? Rich, I swear I was kissing your Aussie ass.
I was also telling you we call the thing a "fridge" in the Detroit area as well.
And we call carbonated beverages "pop".

I thought your loo was absolutely beauteous, and loved the part where the wee little truck got stuck at the top of the ramp.

And, like Arth, I admired the line acknowledging your character's misorientation.

That's it. Goonidght!

Sun Oct 29, 02:59:00 pm

Blogger Bathroom Hippo mused...

Once Rich deleted my comment and for like 3 days I thought he was mad at me...but it turns out he wasn't. Watch him delete this comment....You bastard! Noooo!

Hey Stevo! How's the afterlife mate? Lots of dead dingos dongers...errr I forgot how that line was sposed to go. Goodonya mate!

Sun Oct 29, 03:04:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

SafeT, you know exactly why your comment isn't here! No? Well it's not that I don't love ya Mate but if ya really want an explanation as ta why ya comment is 'gone' then have a look at the PREVIOUS post.

Sun Oct 29, 06:14:00 pm

Anonymous Steve mused...

But B-Hip, what makes you think that Rich bloke ISN'T mad at you! Besides the fact he doesn't have any reason to be, and he thinks your a good bloke, and he likes your work, and... well, I guess he aint.

The actual Aussie saying is, when ya really need a beer to blow the dust off, 'I'm dryer than a dead dingoes donger'. I just thought I'd change it a bit for the show.

PS. I'm not the real Steve just a paper copy, the real Stevo's shoes are too big to fill.

Sun Oct 29, 06:22:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

Steve, what have you done with Rich? Fess up, cardboard boy!

Mon Oct 30, 10:56:00 am

Anonymous Steve mused...


Mon Oct 30, 01:39:00 pm

Blogger Bathroom Hippo mused...

Crocs rule!

And Jlee drules!
Hah jk.
she knows i luv her.

Mon Oct 30, 01:54:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

B-Hip thought that Crocs rule
and was happy to see one drool
Imagine his glee
when one ate JLee
and B-Hip could keep the stool.

Mon Oct 30, 02:14:00 pm

Blogger Bathroom Hippo mused...

that should be in the Bible man.

Mon Oct 30, 02:20:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

I think it's in Psalms somewhere!

Mon Oct 30, 02:43:00 pm

Blogger Wendy mused...

Hilarious! Great, now Squid wants a crocodile...

Mon Oct 30, 06:08:00 pm

Blogger JLee mused...

I love any poem with the word "stool" in it.

Tue Oct 31, 03:23:00 am

Blogger Arcturus mused...

Weird. I finally got to watch some of these movies you make ... this computer I'm using in a hotel lobby lets me view it.

Was that supposed to be Steve Irwin? What was the toilet part? Was the crocodile supposed to be drinking that beer? I love the Buddha part...

I say this advisedly, Rich, but you're a strange fellow ... and odd duck.

Tue Oct 31, 04:33:00 am

Blogger poopee shmoopee mused...

ahahahhaaa. awesome.

Tue Oct 31, 04:41:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous mused...

Grrr, blogger is being weird again... it's these 'Beta' people try to make us convert before we're ready!


Tue Oct 31, 12:46:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Ahhh, that's better... not beta, better.


You shouldn't have said that Wendy! Now I know what to get him for Christmas.

What a coincidence JLee, I like any stool with poetry in it!

Arcturus, You don't know the half of it. You think the films are weird, you should spend a day in my head. There's several odd Ducks in there! As to the questions, I leave you with the mystery that is the film.

Poopee! I always appreciate an concise and honest comment, thank you.

Tue Oct 31, 12:51:00 pm

Blogger Bathroom Hippo mused...

Rich, it's me Bathroom Hippo...

I've come back from the future to warn you that your blog is under attack by the Betans.

Oh my gosh...I don't know how they did it..but they found me.

-takes 50 machine gun rounds in the chest-

Tue Oct 31, 01:01:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

*looks at bloddy mass on floor*

Sorry, what? I didn't hear you. I had my headphones on listening to Plum Flower Embroidery.

*shrugs* I'm sure it wasn't important.

maya maya maya maya...
after maya
seen to end
a curtain drawn closed
goodnight unsaid
just fell to sleep
after the heat
i creep
not daring to speak
after the end
tears well in my eyes...

Tue Oct 31, 01:40:00 pm

Blogger Squid Vicious mused...

That, my friend, was awesome. I feel that I now have a better grasp of the Aussie culture. And to think, all this time I was referring to "the fridge" as the icebox...
Very entertaining. Heck, even Murp! liked it, and he hates everything.

Tue Oct 31, 11:35:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Bro,

Murp! liked it? Murp! liked it! Oh holy mother of creation, is the world coming to an end? I'd better stock up the icebox. See, if we called it that in Australia it'd take two weeks before it became the 'ebo'.

Take care man, hope the writings going well.

Wed Nov 01, 10:25:00 am

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

The Betans are gaining converts by the hour... if only there was some way to prevent the migration! But... how?

Wed Nov 01, 02:14:00 pm

Blogger Middle Child mused...

Just bewdiful... never knew it was a refrigerator...wow you learn somat every day

Mon Nov 06, 08:48:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

Crap! I have to say something profound or clever like everyone else...


Aw hell, I'll just resort to profanity...

That was pretty Fucking funny!!

Fri Apr 13, 01:57:00 pm


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