Gun Play

Film-makers arrested in fake gun drama

07:32 AEST Thu Nov 6 2008

Four Melbourne [...pronounced 'Mehlbin' for the Americans...] filmmakers have been charged on summons after a passer-by mistook their theatrical gunplay for a real-life drama.

Police were called to a block of flats in inner suburban Carlton about 10.40pm (AEDT) on Wednesday, when a member of the public reported seeing a person threatening another with a firearm.

"A person came into Carlton police station pretty distressed, saying they had seen a guy with a gun. All they said was that they saw the gun being held to someone's head," a police spokesman said.

Police and a critical incident response team sealed off the area and arrested the four people at the scene.

Film equipment and an imitation firearm were allegedly found.

"It looks like they were making a film and they were the only ones that knew about it," the spokesman said.

The four men in their 20s face charges of possessing a firearm - which includes imitation weapons - and causing a public nuisance.

Senior Sergeant Stephen Cooper said the filmmakers' actions were extremely dangerous.

"They hadn't notified any persons what they were doing down here today, there were no permits, they hadn't had the courtesy to notify even the security within the premises here," Snr Sgt Cooper told the Nine Network from the scene Wednesday night.

See, about 8 years ago our government offered filming subsidies in the form of tax breaks to the
large American film studios. We now have Warner Brothers and Fox Studios based in Australia. They make wonderful films (some of the time) and predominantly use Australian crews. It created a climate where the people at the top of their careers could work on high budget films, and the people who are up and coming in the industry could work on the lower budget Australian productions.

It was great. Until, of course, the local governments raised their council filming rates to gouge the US productions of their cash. This had two effects. The Americans could film elsewhere in the world for less money and the Australian filmmakers could no longer afford to pay the council rates for their low budget independent films.

The fact here is not that these filmmakers did the wrong thing, it's that filmmakers everywhere in the world will try to produce their art in any way possible despite harsh economic conditions. The Americans don't really make films here much any more. As someone who has 'shut down' numerous Sydney streets to film (without Council or Police approval) I believe it's about time the Councils in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane take the gun away from filmmakers heads and lower their rates and remove the red tape for local producers once again. It is too hard for small producers, such as myself, to get the permissions we need. At a price we can afford.

The last thing the industry needs is to go back to the dark ages of the 1970s and 80s when we were only making 5 or 6 serious films a year.

PS. I'm not what most people would call a liberal, but well done to those Americans who voted on making a much needed change to your countries political climate.

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Blogger jin mused...

You tell 'em rich!
I could distract your Councils with my cupcakes whilst the filmmakers make their films if you like.
Viva la Arteests!!!

Thu Nov 06, 09:59:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Your cupcakes would be most welcome on a film shoot Jin.

I don't usually make political points but to actually charge a filmmaker with a gun charge with no consideration for the climate we're making films in is going a step too far.

Thu Nov 06, 10:12:00 am

Blogger Ruela mused...

Fuck them!!!

Thu Nov 06, 10:39:00 am

Blogger jin mused...

Agreed. I usually shy away from the politics as well... however, I was mighty happy after last nights win! Woo-Hoo!!!
*jin jumps around & nearly slams rich in the head with a cupcake*

Thu Nov 06, 10:41:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...


;) just jokes... yeah!

Thu Nov 06, 11:12:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...


As a country that tends to get it's soldiers killed any time America declares a war, we tend to take notice of what happens in American elections. The mood here seems to be overwhelmingly supportive of America's choice this time around. We were starting to lose faith in America after the re-election of that strange Bush character.

Thu Nov 06, 11:19:00 am

Blogger Ruela mused...

Long live Art
Fuck Politicians and Bureaucrats!!!


I vote for cupcakes too ;)


Thu Nov 06, 12:08:00 pm

Blogger jin mused...

Ewww... I never voted for the Bush character!

Cupcakes for everyone!

But I don't want to fuck any politicians... maybe Ruela... but no politicians.

Thu Nov 06, 12:22:00 pm

Blogger handmaiden mused...

Hey well your post is important & all that but...Guess what, I won!
Yay for me! Yay for Obama!

Thu Nov 06, 12:48:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

I just heard about that on our news report and for one flash second I thought it might have been you ... then they said Mehlbin *!*

Thu Nov 06, 06:59:00 pm

Anonymous handmaiden mused...

Interesting. Hopefully all charges will be dropped & the powers that be will recognize the contributions to society made by the Australian film industry.

Thu Nov 06, 09:05:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Personally Ruela, I would like to combine fucking politicians AND art... I'm going to call it Polly fArt.

Fri Nov 07, 08:37:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Jin, I love it how NO American voted for their President Bush.

Democracy, pffft, what a pain in the cupcakes hey!

Fri Nov 07, 08:39:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Yay for you indeed Handmaiden. Go get those dawgs!

Fri Nov 07, 08:40:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Bimbimbie, I don't tend to make films with guns. I. Don't. Know. Why... maybe I should start, get arrested, and fight the power!

*Fist in Air* Death to Smoochy!


Fri Nov 07, 08:45:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Well, Handmaiden, they were probably some Amateur Hacks not really making any contribution to the industry or society. That doesn't change the fact it was a bunch of guys with cameras having fun. Surely, suuuuurely the cops could have said, "people, next time get permits".

Fri Nov 07, 08:48:00 am

Blogger Ruela mused...

Polly fArt ;))

You live in a Monarchy...v. cool.

Portugal it was a beautiful country of Kings and Queens...now we have a president.

Fri Nov 07, 09:50:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

We live in a Constitutional Monarchy, Ruela. It's really not that cool. It basically means that someone from this country runs the place on behalf of a Monarch who doesn't really give a rats bum what happens. It's the diet version of a Monarch, you know, the Monarch you're having when you're not really having a Monarchy.

Fri Nov 07, 02:28:00 pm

Blogger jin mused...

Did someone say cupcakes???

Fri Nov 07, 03:16:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

Would be a good advertising ploy if you had a film ready to air ... just have to make sure you get arrested wearing a t-shirt with your www addy for the news crew to zoom in on ... I probably saw that on the chaser ;)

Fri Nov 07, 07:03:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

zzzzzzzzz... cuuuuuupcaaaaaakes... zzzzz...

Fri Nov 07, 11:53:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Hahahaha, Bimbimbie! That's exactly the type of thing the chaser would do...

Me? I can be more inventive than that. I just wish I had something to actually sell. I've been toying with things since the tumour but I can't really say that I'm full of irrestible creative verve quite yet.

Fri Nov 07, 11:56:00 pm

Blogger handmaiden mused...

You are young. You have lots of time.Remember you are building experience

Sat Nov 08, 02:55:00 pm

Blogger The Phosgene Kid mused...

Sounds as though your police have a lot of time on their hands. You all need more donut shops - that'll keep the cops out of your hair. A government getting greedy, that's novel - never happen in the US, of course.

Mon Nov 10, 03:54:00 am

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

As Handmaiden says, all in good time.

So yes secrets out I've put the Koala outfit away and slipped into the Parrot outfit for the summer. You've probably seen me hanging around Sydney with a bucket in my hand and a camera around my neck ;)

Mon Nov 10, 09:48:00 pm

Blogger jin mused...

Huh. You don't think you are "full of irresistible creative verve quite yet."

That's ok Rich.
It's perfectly alright to just be "irresistible" for the time being.

Tue Nov 11, 01:13:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Um... sure, Handmaiden... We're all building experience aren't we?

Tue Nov 11, 01:15:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Ha, Phos! Doughnut shops! Here I was thinking that was just an American stereo-type.

I have no problems with Cops attending suspected fire-arms offences. If they didn't turn up I'd be worried. But this was just some 'kids' playing around. It should be treated as such. Not as a federal offence.

Tue Nov 11, 01:17:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Indeed Bimbimbie, I'm not sure why she says that... I happy with my current level of small production and notoriety. The 'having anything to sell' isn't about experience, it's about having the energy to create. That's something completely different.

I was imagining you stalking bushwalkers, but hey, if it's for charity. Go for it :D

Tue Nov 11, 01:21:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Irresistible creative verve, Jin... well, that would be lovely. There's nothing quite like finding yourself working on a project so intently that you can't imagine doing anything else more pleasant. Not having it... well, at least it leaves time for other 'more normal'things. Like sleep, seeing friends, and chatting up blog bakers. Ummm... wait... what was that last one?

Tue Nov 11, 01:24:00 pm

Blogger jin mused...

Hey, at least you didn't call me a masterbaker.

Tue Nov 11, 01:38:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...


Now that would have been imaginative. Hahahha Too funny.

Wed Nov 12, 09:11:00 am


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