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Whoa! I've been busy shooting, shooting, compositing, editing and shooting.

Yesterday I was out doing some location shots... at the Pub! It's a hard life isn't it, I may use that as an excuse in future, "Just going to do some location shots, back in two hours". Glug, glug, glug.

Now, here's a trick. When you're a one person shooting team and you have no actors, lights, or other filming equipment that will disrupt someones business, just turn up and trust your charm and luck. I started with the outside shots, without announcing myself, and gradually worked from the long shots to the close-ups and cut aways. That way, by the time one of the employees came out with, "Who are you and why are you filming our Pub?", I had already finished the outside shooting. If they told me to take a hike I'd already done half the work and hadn't wasted my time. Then, in my sweetest but professional manner, I explained the concept of the film festival and asked to speak to the manager about getting some shots of 'beer taps'. Luckily the manager was totally cool and after explaining the exact shots I needed, a little more than beer taps, she kicked the two alcoholics out of the front bar and I had free reign of the pub for a half hour. Lucky! Another location shoot done and in under an hour.

The rest of the day was spent shooting, shooting, compositing, editing and shooting. On what? Well, here's an example. I had to include a pontoon from a local river in the film (guidelines) so I've turned it into a sky elevator.

Anyway, I've got my actors coming into town this weekend for my blue screen session and a lot of friends who are going to be extras will be turning up as well. Fun! Fun! Catch you all soon, only two and a half weeks left til deadline.

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Blogger L>T mused...

can't wait. sounds like it's going good.

Thu Jun 29, 11:32:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey l>t,

Yeah, it's tracking OK. There's no guarantee that I'll finish it in the allotted time. One of those things about animation/effects, they take a while to do. But I'll certainly give it every chance of suceeding that's for sure.

Thu Jun 29, 12:23:00 pm

Blogger Wendy mused...

cool! I glaced at the sky elevator and it made my palms sweat. Good effect!

Thu Jun 29, 03:18:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

I'm glad you like it but I didn't know you were afraid of heights Wendy girl?!

I'll have to put up the shot where the character is standing on the edge looking straight down! Even I, who loves heights and can't think of anything more enjoyable than sky diving, get a little vertigo with that one. I can't wait to put the characters feet into the shot and have the platform sway slightly over the drop. Blarghhh :)

Thu Jun 29, 03:31:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

the sky elevator is kewl, dude!

u know what is strage, abt 4 yrs ago when i made my documentary, we also has Pub shots in our script...and we did drink @ the pub...during work!!! :D

Thu Jun 29, 09:03:00 pm

Blogger ticharu mused...

Yeah, I can hear Blue Time going on with that pic, totally! You're quite welcome to use Blue Time if you like, or anything else you run across.
I'd love to try recording something specific on a project that doesn't have such an extreme deadline. Though I can work quickly!

Thu Jun 29, 09:23:00 pm

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

Whenever I hear the words "sky elevator" I think about orbital tethers. If the materials to build one would get invented, we'd be able to fire rockets off into space at a fraction of the current cost.

Go Team Venture!

Thu Jun 29, 10:43:00 pm

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Gyrobo:I was thinking the same thing! Robots calculate alike, I suppose.

Rich:This looks quite cool! And this is an awesome update. You sold yourself short with that self-deprecating comment on my site.

Fri Jun 30, 07:57:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Thanks Mizfit!

Pubs are fun places to shoot. Unfortunately I'm pretty pressed for time on this film so I did the shoot and left without enjoying a bevy.

Although I was the Director of Photography on a music clip last year and we booked out a pub for the day to do the shoot. There was no bar staff there all day and they had left the beer taps on. We really had a lot of fun with that, but for some reason all my shots came out crooked.

Fri Jun 30, 09:25:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Tich, I played it for my production manager last night and she too seemed to agree that certain parts of the piece would really suit that section of the film.

Give me a couple of days to get through the pretty hectic shoot schedule I've lined up over the next two days (Yay, actors!) and I'll chat with via email about getting a proper release for the music.

Can't thank you enough for making your collection available to use in my little film. Collaboration, Awesome!

Fri Jun 30, 09:34:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Gyrobo, screw 'Team Venture'.

I'm sure Roboshrub could come up with an inexpensive and ultimately deadly line of orbital tethers.

I love it when people dare to dream of things like that, of course it doesn't allow for the fact that all the materials would need to be moved from planet surface to the orbital tether anyway. Every industrialist will tell you that double handling isn't cost effective.

Anyone for a game of intergalatic tether ball?

Fri Jun 30, 09:41:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

SafeT, I'll even try and do a couple more before then end of production. Glad you like it.

Oh, and self deprecation is just part of the Aussie way. I guess the American translation would be something along the lines of, 'I don't have a lot of time at the moment but because I appreciate everyones input I took the time to put an update on my blog. So be sure to make an appearance and fawn over how fantastic I am!'

I like the Aussie way, it doesn't require any expectations, allows people to make up their own mind.

Fri Jun 30, 09:50:00 am

Blogger Murp! mused...

Consider yourself informed...

Fri Jun 30, 02:26:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Errrgg!!!!! I've been invaded by a muppet!

Fri Jun 30, 02:49:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Sorry, I meant Murp!pet...

Fri Jun 30, 02:55:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

lol...i wonder how that happened?

Fri Jun 30, 05:02:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Slanty floors?

Fri Jun 30, 05:04:00 pm

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Deprecation is the single best part of technological revisionism.

Sat Jul 01, 01:19:00 pm

Blogger Murp! mused...

Murp! knows no bounds.

Sat Jul 01, 01:37:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

slanty floors? a hindi saying came to my mind just now. it's equivalent is, a "bad workman always blames his tools."!

yeah, it must've been the slanty floors. :P

Sat Jul 01, 06:42:00 pm

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

I dare to dream of a life without orbital tethers. The new Roboshrub brand Skyward Catapult will revolutionize the aerospace industry with its brutal simplicity and low cost.

Sun Jul 02, 02:44:00 pm

Blogger Calzone mused...

You crack me up dilly. That whole "I'm making a movie" thing still brings in the poon.

Mon Jul 03, 02:46:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

It's because they are "Australians." nothing to do with anything else, "Calzone" worn out Italian stallion.

Mon Jul 03, 10:04:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

thanks for the kudos, Crocodile Dundee.

Yea, the pressure to 'perform' can be a curse.

Tue Jul 04, 10:51:00 am

Blogger Jane mused...

It's looking good rich darling! I love the beer taps and the manager.

I was in love with Satan but you do a pretty damn good job as a crush too ;)

Wed Jul 05, 07:25:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

Rich darling, you got a ciggy butt? My breath isn't nearly foul anough, yet.

Fri Jul 07, 01:41:00 pm

Blogger Murp! mused...

You filming or drinking?

Sat Jul 08, 12:50:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous mused...

ever see the short film called "Ryan" (3D animation) If you haven't it will inspire and blow your mind!

Tue Jul 11, 07:37:00 am

Blogger ticharu mused...


Wed Jul 12, 12:47:00 pm

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Rich, more pics, Rich!

Thu Jul 13, 08:31:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

SafeT, I think you mean 'depreciation'?

Murp!, I thought you like to be tied up?

Mizfit, Actually on that shoot we did keep losing wedges from under our pipe-dolly. That may have had something to do with it also, yeah OK, I was drunk!

Gyrobo, The best thing about the Skyward Catapult is you can wipe out your competitors through simple trajectory mis-alignment. "Roboshrub, this is Team Venture, we appear to have an incoming shipment of explosive dead hamsters from your location..."

Calzone, yeah, I know, you spend 2 minutes stealing a picture off flickr and add a copyright symbol to it and the girls think 'he IS making a film'. When will they learn that my filmmaking, like my personality, is clever ruse in order to get laid. I wonder if I could get laid crocheting? It has to be easier than making films.

L>t, I think you'll find that Calzone is a dragon not a stallion. And what's with the 'They are Australians' thing, there's more than one of me? The pressure to perform is what get's me going, after that it's all beer and skittles.

Jane, Don't be like that. Crushes are for high school students and internet psychos. Neither of those are really a turn on. What if we just, I don't know, say, admire each others work like normal people?!

l>t, Huh? Um, Yeah! Sure! Would you like a hallucinogen with that? Oh, I see you've already had one.

Murp! Both! But mostly working on the film. I only drink Cognac when making films. I figure as long as I'm throwing money away I might as well go the whole hog.

Anonymouse, Why yes, yes I have! I try and keep abreast of the films that win little awards around the place. Especially little things like acadamy awards. After this film, I'm thinking getting trained and moving my productions over to Maya. The digital effects in Maya, although harder to produce, look infinately better.

Tich, thanks bro! It works wonderfully with that scene. I'll be in touch.

SafeT, No! Oh, OK!

Mon Jul 17, 03:36:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

Well, I see you are back in fine form.

Mon Jul 17, 05:03:00 pm


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