Taking a break?

I've been working on my film for roughly one day a week. Which is really not enough, it's frustratingly slow and saps the enthusiasm. I'm so used to the high-pressure adrenaline packed 4 week deadline that ends in the mad dash to some office at the eleventh hour with a film in one hand and an extra strong coffee in the other.

Having no deadline doesn't seem to work for me and when you're undertaking a task that could take upwards of two years part-time (depending on the project of course - my current endeavour shouldn't take that long) it's hard to envisage a self-imposed deadline because who knows what other factors are going to take influence in my life during that time.

So, I think I'm going to take a break and go back to the insane business of the 4 week deadline I know so well. Starting this Sunday is a film festival that gives the filmmaker(s) 4 weeks to script, shoot, craft and edit their films whilst including 5 out of 10 listed locations, objects, or sound bites from the local area. It's a totally nutsoid endeavour and exactly my type of thing. It'll certainly get me back into the mode of working on a film during every available minute of the day, something that my current project so sorely needs (or least I need to make my current project more appealing to me). It'll also enable me to schedule my current project based on my real work-flow rate rather than this stop-start business I've been attempting over the last few weeks. So, let the craziness begin... if you don't hear from me to much after Sunday I'm either making a film or being committed to an institution.

Now, after I get my current project to a point I can comfortably leave it for 4 weeks, I have to go through several hundred stories and pick the 5 best, not over two minutes scripts I think are adaptable to this festival. Hmmmm, I wonder how the horse incident would go down?!

PS. I will put up another piece of mine shortly for you all. It's been too long

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Blogger Jane mused...

Definately do that festival - that should be fun and it has a deadline!

I miss you Satan!

Thu Jun 15, 12:57:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

That is precisely my definition of a fun exercise.

The only thing is that I don't like the way these type of festivals require purpose made films or require 2 years exclusive rights to the artists work. It's a little predatory.

But I'm no longer a naive little filmmaker and know what I'm getting into. This particular festival suits my needs as far as getting me into the right headspace and there's adequate compensation for the right films.

PS. I'm sure Satan misses you too.

Thu Jun 15, 02:36:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

sounds like a lot of pressure, to me. But, if it works for you, have at it.

I wouldn't worry about the Institution. They haven't taken you yet.

Thu Jun 15, 03:28:00 pm

Anonymous RIch mused...

It IS a lot of pressure, and it's very tiring, but the pressure comes from within and the process can be a lot of fun.

Thu Jun 15, 03:51:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

i made a documentary film as a part of my internship. srom writing the script, to arranging the location and people for shooting, editing, we (my team) did it all within 3 weeks. Phew! i was exhausted and exilerated at the same time! it felt gr8...

i can quite well understand ur 4 week deadline adreline rush. :)

Thu Jun 15, 05:05:00 pm

Blogger ticharu mused...

I'd love to see the horse story done into a video! That's a great idea. With super idyllic horses and policemen sqeaky clean and shiney boots and then this hideous unnatural thing emerges from the local pub where all the disgusting dirty things come and go and the hideous unnatural thing assaults the pretty pristine beautiful police horse with vile spewings! Cool! Now I wanna make a video!

Thu Jun 15, 10:01:00 pm

Blogger Jane mused...

Lighter is all relative darling. It moves in and out rapidly but I was glad to share the moment with you.

(The bible happened to be Slyvia Plath's journals up until the last couple of days before her death because Ted ripped them up)

Fri Jun 16, 12:47:00 am

Blogger Squid Vicious mused...

I made a live-action skateboarding movie once. We took turns filming and doing the dialogue with no edits. It was great except that my friend forgot to plug in the microphone and remove the lens cap. It was pretty cool hearing static and wind noise on a black screen for 30 minutes. I guess it could have been a hit under the right circumstances.

Fri Jun 16, 04:00:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Mizfit,

There's nothing else quite like it. Bringing an idea into existance through the collective perserverance of talented people is one of the most stressful but endearing experiences anyone can go through. Every person I've made a film with becomes something like family. Even if not all families get along.

Do you have a copy of the film? You should post some of it!

Fri Jun 16, 09:07:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...


That imagary is cool, I can see it now and it works really well with the story.

It kind of reminds me of the Hayao Miyazaki film, Princess Mononoke, when Ashitaka fights the The Demon Boar god in the beginning of the movie, resulting in a new quest... for his life. *dramatic music* dum dum duuuuuuum.

Fri Jun 16, 09:12:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

You don't know how relieved I am Jane. I was wondering if you had joined a cult or something with all that talk of bibles.

I think the lighter feel came from how well you translated the simple enjoyment of spending time with someone you like. People too often forget such simple things.

Fri Jun 16, 09:16:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Those things happen but you just go back and try again.

I once shot a film for a community group, there were lots of kids around and one kept trying to play with my camera. I succeeded in stopping him break it but he had flicked one of the sound switches. I had already done my sound checks so I didn't notice. Yep the half the nights filming without sound. That's just plain embarrassing. But it got fixed later in post.

Fri Jun 16, 09:24:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

My son & his friends took the video camera when they were 11 or 12 & taped themselves showing off their penises. Does that count?

Fri Jun 16, 10:02:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

That's disturbing, well, I guess it counts... natural curiosity and young male bravado and all that.

As long as there wasn't a distribution deal.

Fri Jun 16, 10:16:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

I'm sure it's in the drawer with all the other unnamed video tapes. Unless it was accidently sold at a garage sale or something. :) Ha ha that's a funny thot.

Fri Jun 16, 10:48:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Ha ha - no it's not!

I think you should track it down and play it at his next major birthday. That'd learn 'im.

Fri Jun 16, 10:58:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

Jeez, we crack me up!

BTW, decrepit old clown Has been invited to join in the festivitys in a small town not far from here up in the hills, an old logging town population about 1,000, where everyone is on welfare I think. White Cedar Days I think they call it. Does that sound like fun or what?

Fri Jun 16, 11:35:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Careful, they'll mug you for your boxed wine.

Fri Jun 16, 12:09:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

ha ha! that's funny. I can just see it.
I want to do it, now.

Fri Jun 16, 01:19:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Off you go then. Enjoy!

Fri Jun 16, 02:24:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

Higher still & higher
From the earth thou springest
Like a cloud of fire;
The blue deep thou wingest,
And singing still dost soar, & soaring ever singest.

from "To a Skylark" by Percy Bysshe Shelly

Sat Jun 17, 07:06:00 am

Blogger poopee shmoopee mused...

you think 4 weeks is hard? try 48 hours.

Sat Jun 17, 11:36:00 am

Blogger poopee shmoopee mused...

if the link doesn't work try http://blogto.com/film/2006/06/in_the_toronto_film_challenge_1_of_4/

Sat Jun 17, 11:37:00 am

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

The horse incident would be an ideal candidate.
Would you play it straight or anthropomorphosize the horsey?

Sat Jun 17, 09:51:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

er....r u sure? even my loving family doesn't want to watch it..


Sat Jun 17, 10:34:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey l>t, I always preferred...

Like a high-born maiden
In a palace tower,
Soothing her love-laden
Soul in secret hour
With music sweet as love, which overflows her toilet

Quick call a plumber!

Or something like that.

Mon Jun 19, 10:10:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Poopee,

Yeah! I do think four weeks is hard! Whatcha try'ta say?? :)

48 hrs is nigh on impossible for animation. Although, I did do one for a DVD extra that only took me 48 hrs. It only runs for about 30secs though.

We have one just north of Sydney called The Shoot Out that's done in 24hrs. I think that's insane, not really what I'm looking for when creating a film.

Mon Jun 19, 10:14:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...


The temptation with animation is to anthropomorphize animals, you can just imagine the shock on his face when being splattered. But I'd probably try and play it straight with the emphasis on the narrator/main character.

After attending the registration session and having a look at the items I need to include, I've decided to write a screenplay for a story that's been lurking at the mind for ages called 'The Mill'. It's going to take a fair whack of work but I've already been out and done the location shots (which I may need to revisit) and now it's digital manipulation time in Photoshop. Fun, Fun!

Mon Jun 19, 10:25:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Mizfit, Watch what?

The horse incident? Sure they do, they just don't know it yet!

Mon Jun 19, 10:26:00 am

Anonymous Rich mused...

Oh, and 2 goals to nil in favour of Brazil... drat! That'll teach us not to take the chances presented to us against the world no. 1

Mon Jun 19, 10:30:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

ouch! whatever. How'd you like the furry monkey?

Mon Jun 19, 01:18:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings l>t. Twas but a little joke.

The furry monkey was freaky but cool but freaky but fun.

Mon Jun 19, 01:45:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

Oh...WT? the ouch was for your loss not mine.
The whole sports thing you got going on.

Mon Jun 19, 02:20:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hah! I understand now! Yes, losing to the world champs isn't exactly unexpected. It was a little disappointing to see us squander our chances though. We could have very easily won, oh well, we're not out of the competition yet!

Mon Jun 19, 03:34:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

BTW, u've been tagged...by ME!!

Mon Jun 19, 07:36:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Hey Mizfit

In answer to your TAG.

Tue Jun 20, 10:17:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

That is hideous!!!! You freak! >:-O

Tue Jun 20, 12:48:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...


Tue Jun 20, 01:25:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

acually it's real cute in that juvenile humor way. I bet you were one of those kids that kept the kids entertained with your drawing.

It also kinda reminds me of "Ratfink" do you remember "Ratfink"? The rat on the Harley?

Tue Jun 20, 03:05:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

He wasn't always on a Harley. My brother had a model he put together of ratfink on a Harley.

Tue Jun 20, 03:08:00 pm

Blogger Calzone mused...


I didnt read any of that. I was just you know, letting you know I still cared and shit like that.

Wed Jun 21, 12:52:00 pm

Blogger SafeTinspector mused...

Rich: I demand key frames, character sketches, and a couple story board plates!

Wed Jun 21, 08:51:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

Oooooooo, I've been real busy. Sorry Pooples.

l>t, I don't know what Ratfink is but I always doodle for my ownpleasure. If others like them, cool! If not, no biggie.

CALZONE! I've missed your black dragon ass! Hope you're up to your armpits in feet & shit like that. Oh, and if you see that Monkey dude around smack him with a banana for me, or at least Purple... yeah, get Purple for me!

SafeT, brother, demand? I don't think so... well, OK, I'll see what I can do for you. I did 15 secs of animation yesterday. It's dodgey, but it's cool if you know what I mean. Only another 4/5mins to go... why did I agree to this????? Anyway, yes, I'll post a couple of photo type things from the film shortly.

Thu Jun 22, 11:39:00 am

Blogger L>T mused...

Rat Fink? Goggle it. You'll know what i'm talking about.

Thu Jun 22, 12:42:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

I goggled it!

I remember Rat Fink, that's one freakazoid character! Totally cool, he doesn't have a Harley but he does have one hell of a nice look'n bike. Now that's a sweet ride!

Thu Jun 22, 01:11:00 pm

Blogger L>T mused...

HA HA! nice bike. I used to have one with a banana seat.
I was suprised that Rat-Fink was so popular.

Thu Jun 22, 02:04:00 pm

Blogger mizfit mused...

(WRT to ur answer to my tag)

id this what happenned to u when u sat down to answer it?

L>T is right, U R A FREEEEEEAAAAAK!! (runs away)

Thu Jun 22, 06:35:00 pm

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

See, this is what happens when I don't make regular trips through my blogroll. They dry up.

It's happened before, in Idaho and Montana, always resulting in a loss of equilibrium.

Tue Jun 27, 11:17:00 pm

Anonymous Rich mused...

It's not dry Gyrobo, it's very wet and there's plenty of activity under the surface.

Fight the Currents!

Thu Jun 29, 09:41:00 am


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