I feel like writing. I mean really writing. You know, the type of writing that contains marvelous inventions of language such as adjectives, such as marvelous. I want to audaciously discover new personal uses for adverbs in my writing until I become concupiscently lost in the meditation of which adverb would be the most appropriate to use for the simple act of one of my characters sitting up.

But writing isn't something you 'feel' like, it's not an interest, nor a hobby. A blog, for instance, is not writing. Don't get me wrong. Some blogs are beautiful designed and worded but in the end it's all finger painting. Colourful words splashed together to give the impression of writing.

No, unfortunately, writing's a protracted engagement with characters, stories, idea's and (hopefully) a lesson. As someone who has spent hours of my days, every day, month after month, scrawling different coloured inks into different shaped notebooks and still hasn't adequately described a characters existence during the period of their life that an audience (myself) would be interested in them, I really have to start wondering.

What on earth am I doing besides marking a variety of perfectly good notebooks? This isn't to say I can't write but merely that I haven't finished a real story. Short Films are easy... I know exactly what they look and sound like in my head and don't bother writing them until the day I have someone saying the lines.

And that's the cusp of it; I can imagine exactly what it has to look like and in putting it down on paper it, well, description is so open to interpretation isn't it? And that baulks me because... Well... Hmmmm...

a) I'm a control freak; (I'm yet to meet a Writer/Director who doesn't suffer this a little.)

b) My descriptive powers inadequately describe what I'm trying to discuss; (I often describe whole stories verbally but when asked if I've written it down I just shrug a no.)

c) Writing is an insular process that requires a lot of dedication and time. Maybe it's not conducive to the process when you live a busy life; work, play, (or my favourite combination of the two) running around from one project to another.

Maybe it's a combination of all three...

Whatever, it is doesn't change that I'm really in the mood to be writing. Shame I wasted half the desire on putting this post together whinging about it.

Now this weird thing... what is it? why is it on my camera? and who took the photo? OK, in reverse; Mooncar took the photo; she snapped it at Taronga Zoo when her dad was in town recently; having now looked at the Zoo's site, it's called a Binturong.

The Binturong (Arctictis binturong), also known as the Asian Bearcat, the Palawan Bearcat, or simply the Bearcat, is a species of the family Viverridae, which includes the civets and genets.

It is neither a bear nor a cat, and the real meaning of the original name is lost, as the local language that gave it is extinct. Its natural habitat is in trees of forest canopy in rainforest of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Palawan Island.

It is nocturnal and sleeps on branches. It eats primarily fruit, but also has been known to eat eggs, shoots, leaves and small animals, such as rodents or birds. Deforestation has greatly reduced its numbers. When cornered, the Binturong can be vicious. The Binturong can make chuckling sounds when it seems to be happy and utter a high-pitched wail if annoyed. The Binturong can live over 20 years in captivity; one is recorded to have lived almost 26 years.

Take: 49

Blogger Anonymous mused...

Those immense, malodorous looking, smarmy coated animals are from alternative country – if not another planet! I'd like to see Dame Edna trying to wear one as a shoal.

Fri Apr 11, 06:49:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Unfortunately Anonybird my prehension as to the genus of this resplendent member of kingdom Animalia which is of indeterminate voluminosity and transoceanic, if not otherworldly, origin is exiguous. Ha, OK, even I had to look up exiguous to make sure I could use it in that context... I'm probably pushing it, even then.

Although apparently it got on the camera when my girl took it to the Zoo with her dad. I asked, she has no idea what it is or if Dame Edna would wear it as a shallow place in a body of water... what? I'd certainly wear one as a shawl though.

Fri Apr 11, 08:48:00 am

Blogger Anonymous mused...

Binturong! There is something Tasmanian Devilish about it - maybe its high pitched wail also. HAHHAAAA, a shoal, shole, or shool is not a shawl! Even if it appears I don't know what it is, it's to do with the spelling! Call it a wrap then :)

Fri Apr 11, 09:55:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Binturong is an awesome name isn't it! It certainly does look devilish, although I've never hard of a devil chuckling when happy. Maybe a slight evil laugh.

Only the Director can call it a wrap at the end of a film shoot Anonybird. I think we're going to have to call it a dolman.

Fri Apr 11, 10:05:00 am

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

First thought entering my head after reading your words and seeing the photo ... Babe meets coffee making Civet on holiday visiting it's cousin at Taronga Zoo *!*

You visited too early today ... I was still posting ... not quite a Palm d'Or ;)

Fri Apr 11, 10:27:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

That sounds like it should be a children's book Bimbimbie. A little Pig goes on holiday to the zoo to have coffee with it's cousin the Masked Palm Civet. How a Pig is related to a Civet, well, it is children's story!

As someone who has several large pieces of crystal on the shelf at home, not even nearly the Palm d'Or though, I always like a good award.

Fri Apr 11, 11:00:00 am

Blogger Anonymous mused...

The thingy isn't long and loose like a dolman but wraps around the neck and shoulders. Besides, a dolman already exists! Binturong Binding is what it shall be named. The Binturong looks like it's at the end of a shoot! Is there something in the Aussies' water today? That was a hypothetical question.

Fri Apr 11, 12:45:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

Babe the cultured piggie, is working on her abstract art when she spots suspicious looking activity between the two cousins the evil chuckling Binturong and a furtive masked Civet. Both peering into the brown paper bag the masked one was holding.

Babe just made out the words "coffee snobs ... noooo idea ... paying thousands" before more evil chuckling
drowned out any further words *!*

Fri Apr 11, 02:14:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Oh no, Anonybird. I was totally going to put the Binturong on a rack until it was stretched enough to make a Bintudolam. It may not look as attractive as a Binturong Binding but we need to find some edge in the Austrlian womens fashion market.

Is the question or the notion behind the question hypothetical? Because the water seems fine to me, but the notion behind the water might be a little off putting.

Fri Apr 11, 09:37:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Bimbimbie! Now that sounds like a fun story.


"Arrrrrh!" cried Babe as her pinklicious piggy snout caught a sqiffling wiff of the coffee scented civet laced purfume worn by the evil chuckling Binturong.

Babe ran in a quick circle hoping the smell of her own mud covered behind would overpower the civets odious brown paper bag clad concoction "The perfume smells awwwwwwful!" she cried "surely you wouldn't consider spending thousands on advertising that monstronsity of a scent to unknowledgable teen flossiewings?"

The Binturong stroked his luxurious tail, "No, of course not!" he exclaimed much to Babe's relief, "We'll only market it to male teen Flossiewings! We'll tell them the girls love it and, well, how are they to know?"

babe's curly tail shook in pink clad rage...


Anyone who wants to continue is welcome...

Fri Apr 11, 09:52:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Is this what you are talking about, when you say "Coffee making Civet"

Sat Apr 12, 11:07:00 am

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

....as she turned her portly gaze to the grinning civet. "You despicable little civets are soooo weezeely! You know how impressionable those immature teenieweenie male floosiewings are and how desperately seeking of a cloacal kiss.

The no longer grinning civet inched closer to the Binturong who had ceased chuckling as Babe's snorts grew louder ...

Sat Apr 12, 04:33:00 pm

Blogger Anonymous mused...

...vacuuming at such a velocity, the taut clutch on the brown paper bag was of no power in comparison! Plunging to a potentially foul ending, the brown paper bag...

Sat Apr 12, 06:23:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

... spun towards Babe who almost deftly caught it in her pink little hooves. Unfortunately, as she lacked opposable thumbs, the bag ricocheted off her paws and hit her square in the forehead.

"Damnnit, I'm so uncoordinated!" she cried slumping to the floor in an ashamed and slightly coffee and civet scented way. She heard the Binturong chuckle as she lost consciousness, "That'll teach her to stick her snout in ...

Sat Apr 12, 08:46:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

That's exactly what we're talking about Diana!

Sat Apr 12, 08:49:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Oh, yum.

Sun Apr 13, 04:33:00 am

Blogger Anonymous mused...

... where it pongs!" However the writer had not concupiscently found which adverb would be the most appropriate to use for the simple act of Babe sitting up from her consciousness slump! So Babe remained hemmed into the ground with only one bottom-cheek properly buried; dumped by a brown paper bag and wicked chuckles. This was only changed by...

Sun Apr 13, 03:04:00 pm

Anonymous Director mused...


Sun Apr 13, 03:08:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Hey anonymodirectorous, This is my film set, only I get to call wrap!

Sun Apr 13, 11:59:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

...the welcoming refreshingness of the Twinings Afternoon brew as Babe allowed her tears and grime to be wiped away in the first aid recovery tent ...

Mon Apr 14, 06:01:00 am

Blogger arthbard mused...

You can call wrap if you want, Rich, but I get to call RAP!

Okay ... No, I don't.

Maybe we could get Snoop to call it for us?

Seriously though, writing seriously (though--ha, ha, I ... oh...) takes a tremendous amount of willpower. It can be excrutiatingly hard to stay focused on when one has any semblance of an outside life. Which may be why I rarely do it, anymore. And possibly why, despite writing on and off since my school days, I really only have a handful of actual, finished stories (and even fewer of them worth sharing). Well, that and maybe because I had a tendency, in my youth, to jump into half-cocked ideas with a lot of enthusiasm, but not much else.

I never have trouble finding the right words, though. Just to prove it, I'm going to end this comment with ... Er ... What is it ... You know, that thing ... That word that's like ... It sounds like ... Well, you know ... That other ...

Oh, bollocks.

Mon Apr 14, 07:10:00 am

Blogger Gyrobo mused...

I love civets, but I hate genets. They know why.

Mon Apr 14, 08:39:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

You're not judging a beverage simply because it's passed through the bowels of an animal are you Diana?

You're just so damn fussy! Next you'll be telling me you wouldn't drink Chicha.

Mon Apr 14, 09:45:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Anonybird, I finally read your part of the story. Now I see why someone called cut. Waaaaaaa! Surely we shouldn't get into that whole 3rd person commentary on the writers involvement... wait, why are we talking about Babe's butt cheek?

Mon Apr 14, 09:56:00 am

Anonymous handmaiden mused...

Aw Gee! I missed out on the story. The Crappachino link is pretty funny, though. Thanks Diana.

When I was a kid we made references to "cow pies" & "horse biscuits" we weren't stupid anough to eat them though. not even for charity.

Mon Apr 14, 10:01:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

First aid recovery tent? Bimbimbie, are we setting this story at one of those high priced legal raves or the Hawaii Iron-man?

... "You'll be OK now" said the deep soothing voice of a large and out of focus Lioness as Babe regained consciousness.

"Thank you, Nurse Lioness, for wiping away my civety tears. But I should ask, why are you wiping them with Hot Plum Sauce?"

"Oh you silly piggy, she's not a nurse" said the Binturong from the corner of the tent.


Mon Apr 14, 10:03:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Snoop should wish I was writing his rap for his Arth... well, nah, I'm not much of a Gangster.

Yeah, I'm only writing during on the train trip in the morning and evening from work at the moment. It'd be nice to just completely unplug and spend some serious time on one of my stories. Not going to happen any time soon I would guess. Working too much unfortunately.

Jump into half-cocked ideas with a lot of enthusiasm; I don't see that as necessarily a problem. Half cocked ideas can always lead to other better concepts. But it certainly takes a long time to explore 'blind alleys' to see if there's anything there. Stupid time!

Mon Apr 14, 10:10:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Gyrobo, please, I'm so tired of you and your Genet conspiracy. There was no Genet under Abraham Lincoln's hat that night in Ford's Theatre. It was a Linsang and you know it!

Mon Apr 14, 10:12:00 am

Blogger Anonymous mused...

SEE! Anonymodirectorous was right! Poor piggy's hide is going to turn into a potential 'wrap' similar to what the Bintudolam would be on Dame Edna's shoulders!

Mon Apr 14, 10:15:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Handmaiden, the story is still going... sort of... feel free to ad as you see fit.

As for the Cow Pies. My bestie in Primary School once ate a cow pie for a bet. No-one paid him... either he was an idiot or they were a bunch of slackers. At the end of the day, it wasn't clear which point of view was correct. Both?

Mon Apr 14, 10:16:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

I know Anonybird! The tension is too much. I hope someone writes a happy ending... or Babes end in a Happy Chef's pork and wonton soup. I'm not sure which to barrack for.

Mon Apr 14, 10:19:00 am

Blogger The Phosgene Kid mused...

A little salt, some hot sauce and a side of fries and the Binturong ain't half bad.

Mon Apr 14, 02:01:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous mused...

Look, any idiot can write a book. I did. Well, most of it...
Well, 50,038 words of one. Anyway, you'll never make Chapter one without starting.

Now start writing!

Mon Apr 14, 02:03:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

Judging? I said "Yum"

You know I am addicted to coffee, if someone told me it came from an animals bum, and I hadn't had coffee yet in the morning, I'd probably do it.

But it would have to be served with something to eat. Thanks Handmaiden! "Horse Biscuts" sound great :) I will be sure to request those for breakfast next time I am in the country :)

Mon Apr 14, 02:13:00 pm

Blogger Diana Crabtree mused...

And I am choosing not to respond to the Chicha comment. Of course I would drink it. Buy dinner time I would have made out with everyone anyway, so what difference would it make?

Mon Apr 14, 02:16:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

"Oh crackling!" said Babe as she licks off the hot plump sauce whilst righting herself on all fours.

She thinks ...there's only one way out of this tent if I'm to make a full intact recovery.

Looking deep into the eyes of the salivating lioness she conjures up a long lost chant "Baa Ram Ewe Leo" and in a vapour of civet coffee Babe transporkes herself to the safety of her home and vows never to lift a paint brush ever, ever, ever, again ... ever *!*tsup*!*

erm rich do you think you could say that word now please ;)

Tue Apr 15, 07:59:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Try it with the Wabi Sabi Seaweed Salad Phos. The astringency really plays off the hot sauce and subtle smoked flavours in the Binturong.

Tue Apr 15, 09:44:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Ha! Squid. It's the 'most of it' I'm talking about.

I actually write a little each day. But I think I was more in the mood for what you did... only with more showers.

You finish your book and I'll start mine! Deal?

Tue Apr 15, 09:46:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Oh Diana, don't think I didn't hear the sarcasm in your 'Yum'. You tried to hide it but it still reached the corner of your eyes.

Diana! I'm shocked. It only takes you until Dinner to have made out with everyone? When's dinner? I'll bring the wine and we'll mix our own Chicha when I get there ;)

Tue Apr 15, 09:49:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Bimbimbie! "transporkes" Hahahaha, that's like, Fantastic.

You really don't have to add to the story any more. Acutally, that's what it's like writing full time. Sometimes you just feel like saying, 'No more, not today.' That's when you tell yourself. 'OK, just another hour.' Which becomes two, maybe three... no, four. And everything written in that period is often rubbish but it'll give you a wealth of ideas for what may be the right angle to take on the story. And therefore worth persisting with.

Giving in to that urge to stop can make it a lot harder to start again next time. Bloody writing!

Tue Apr 15, 09:59:00 am

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

...wishing you well with the stopping and starting *!*

Tue Apr 15, 10:29:00 am

Blogger Anonymous mused...

PHEW! No tragic ending! For Babe anyway ... ;)

Tue Apr 15, 11:18:00 am

Blogger Ces mused...

I know where Palawan is. It is near the island where I was born.

Wed Apr 16, 02:43:00 pm

Blogger arthbard mused...

"I don't see that as necessarily a problem. Half cocked ideas can always lead to other better concepts."

True, now, come to think of it, the only time I ever finished anything novel-length, I didn't even have the ideas, half-cocked or otherwise. I literally just started out with the enthusiasm and an opening sentence. Everything else just had to follow from there.

Maybe my problem is less with the cockedness of my my ideas as with the fact that I'm easily excited, even more easily distracted, and therefore have a tendency to abandon half-cocked ideas when I get excited about an even less cocked one.

Or ... Would less cocked be better? I'm actually not really sure how that expression works ... Half-cocked is mediocre, but ... Which would be good or bad: All-Cocked or No-Cocked?

Thu Apr 17, 08:34:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Bard of Arth, I have consulted my fellow Lexiconites and after a discussion, in which I had to leave in order to get a coffee and then return, it is determined as follows;

Half-cocked: Of below average strength (Poor effort))

All-cocked: Of full strength (Good effort)

No-cocked (otherwise known as un-cocked): Sitting and playing with your lifeless gun in your hand while yelling *BANG* *BANG* at strangers. (No effing *BANG*)

Thu Apr 17, 01:56:00 pm

Blogger arthbard mused...

Well, that clears it up. But mainly I just needed an excuse to say cock a few more times.

Cock cock cock.


This comment is FULLY-COCKED!

Tue Apr 22, 08:52:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

COCKHEAD! What a cock you are for making me feel like a cock for falling for that cocker maimy cock and bull story about wanting to know how to use cock in the cocktext...

FULLY-COCKED! Sounds like the name for a porno taking off an action film.

Wed Apr 23, 03:02:00 pm

Blogger arthbard mused...

In a world ruled by vaginas, one man is ... FULLY-COCKED!

Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Sat Apr 26, 11:07:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous mused...

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Tue Jan 19, 10:36:00 pm


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