Monkey Love

Only a few of the people here would remember that I once made a movie with a Monkey. Well, 'THE Monkey' really. Well, 'THE Monkey' who is also some type of p u p p e t (Shhhhh, he doesn't know and he can't s p e l l, because he has a wonderful human who helps in such matters).

Of course, there's only one thing that people love more than a Monkey, or a p u p p e t Monkey for that matter... and that's Zombies. How can you resist. You can't. Watch, enjoy, I'll try and post again before tommorrows D-day.

Oh, and Ruela, the nova-conquistador from the Neo Artes blog, Tagged me with some Meme about some things you'd take on a road trip. Hmmmm, let's see, because of my forthcoming trip down an unchartered road;

CDs (or in my case playlists on an MP3 player)
1. Morphine - A Cure for Pain (Song: A Cure for Pain)
2. Tea Party - The edges of Twilight (Song: Fire in the Head)
3. Altiplano - Transatlantic Non-Stop (Song: Endim Bulag Bashina)
4. RHCP - Freaky Styley (Song: If you want me to Stay)
5. Jamiroquai - Return of the Space Cowboy (Song: Half the Man)

Talk about mellowsville... I guess I can leave my heavier playlist at home, it's not like I'll be rock'n out.

Essential Items
1. Mooncar (She's an item... right?)
2. Tooth Brush
3. Portable DVD player with at least one of my DVD folders (which is only 200 films)

1. A six foot tall Marlboro cigarette.


Take: 25

Blogger Monkey mused...

You posted my near death experience? On the eve of your lumpectomy? Sir, you humble me.

I would like to make it perfectly clear that I am clean now. I am not a zombie, it was only blood, or colored corn syrup. I'm not sure. I'm still suffering just a tad from some pesky PTSD.

Sending hugs and a few precious bananas,

P.S. The humans I live with (damn their insufferable hides) send their love too.

Tue Jul 08, 10:56:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Well, you know, if something goes wrong I'm planning on coming back as a Zombie ;)

They're not removing my sense of humour and quite frankly I take as an omen of good luck that you've returned, however briefly, on the eve of my surgery.

I'm glad you came out of the incident with no permanent marks. That would have been a tragedy indeed!

Yes, give those pesky humans hugs from me and Mooncar too.

Tue Jul 08, 11:24:00 am

Blogger Ces mused...

But you forgot the toothpaste!

Tue Jul 08, 11:40:00 am

Blogger Anonymous mused...

So that's what happened to Elvis!?! Very funny, you're right about monkies and zombies - brilliant!

If you don't post before Thurday, my best wishes for D-DAY!

You must look errrrm tasty as a giant cigaette! Will listen to your tunes tomorrow before midday (school holiday quota) Blah!

Tue Jul 08, 11:45:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...


It's in Mooncars pocket. Which is better than in the DVD player I guess.

Tue Jul 08, 11:48:00 am

Blogger Ces mused...

That was susch a crazy zombie game. These guys are wild. Hey Rich, good luck with the big day. Hope you get the best nurses. Will be thinking of you. I am actually on-call that day, not for bedside nursing though.

Tue Jul 08, 11:49:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

I know, Anonybird. How could anyone go wrong with Zombies AND Monkeys? Of course, you know what this means... I'm now going to have to write a Monkey Magic feature film where he battles Zombies.

I'm sure I'll post... maybe... enjoy the music.

Tue Jul 08, 11:51:00 am

Blogger G3T Films mused...

I've met a couple of my nurses. They seem, like most oncology nurses it would seem, to be tough but compassionate. I'm sure it'll all go well.

On call, huh? Not for bedside nursing, huh? Does that mean you'll only do it in public... you're one kinky nurse!

Tue Jul 08, 11:53:00 am

Blogger Ces mused...

Haha! You crack me up. I am now a clinical analyst developing clinical software. Besides I was an emergency and trauma nurse. Oncology nursing is tough.

Tue Jul 08, 12:00:00 pm

Blogger Anonymous mused...

Monkey Magic feature film where he battles Zombies YAHHHH!!!!!!!! You could grunt the dialogue into a hand recorder when recovering...

Do you have any idea what the least number of days would roughly be before blogging again? Ces and I have a mean saucepan and spoon band for harassing bloggers into showing themselves again :)

Tue Jul 08, 12:15:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Clinical software, huh? Does that mean you're developing software to put into trauma patients that have become cyborgs? Because that's pretty cool, although, really, morally, I'm not sure cyborgs should be legal.

I think any type of nursing is tough. But yes, Oncology nurses have a protracted exposure to patients who have low survival rates. That would have to get you down after a while. It's quite funny, they keep going on about how young and fit I am... I guess they're used to sixty year olds.

Tue Jul 08, 12:17:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

I have a friend who looks like Monkey actually... Hmmmm... I wonder who owns the rights... Hmmmm...

It really depends on how the surgery goes Anonybird. I could be in hospital for 5 days if it goes well, or 10 days if the surgery is a little more complex. Let's just say it's not day surgery ;) Let's say two weeks and if I post sooner all the better.

Tue Jul 08, 12:21:00 pm

Blogger Anonymous mused...

Okay, Ces and I will be around no sooner than fourteen days after Thursday with our pots and pans! Maybe Mooncar can post detailed puss and blood photos while you're so out of it you wouldn't know? Hhehee. Will you be wrapped like The Invisible Man? That would be disappointing... *gasp* I should do some work …tata!

Tue Jul 08, 12:42:00 pm

Blogger Ces mused...

Make sure Baditz Maru is not nearby.

Tue Jul 08, 12:43:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

Anonybird, that's like, GROSS! Go and do some work :)

Tue Jul 08, 01:44:00 pm

Blogger G3T Films mused...

But Ceeeees, didn't you see the skill with which he took out Hello Kitty's tumour? He'll be very handy to have around.

Tue Jul 08, 01:45:00 pm

Blogger Shelley Noble mused...

You're all set, Rich. Best of luck with all of it. Paul and I are thinking of you and your medical team. We're imagining you having an easy'ol time all the way through and enjoying a smooth perfectly graceful recovery.

Much love with you there, Shelley

Tue Jul 08, 04:03:00 pm

Blogger Bimbimbie mused...

Bedside photo of Possum packed too?

...eeek don't be planning on coming back as a zombie Rich, monkey ok zombie nah, I don't like them*!*

Please make sure you get Mooncar to let us know they didn't take a leg or arm ok ;)

all the best for a quick get out pass and back home for some TLC*!*

Tue Jul 08, 04:43:00 pm

Blogger BoiledEggIn aDeckchair mused...

I want you to know I like the film about the zombies and you're music is rubbish.

Wed Jul 09, 04:18:00 am

Blogger Ruela mused...

the nova-conquistador - right ;)))

Funny video, very interesting.

Nothing like a good shot of Morphine for pain ;)

Jamiroquai - Return of the Space Cowboy (Song: Half the Man)
got the cd...very cool.

thanks man!

Wed Jul 09, 05:51:00 am

Blogger Ruela mused...

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐◯


Wed Jul 09, 05:54:00 am

Blogger Anonymous mused...

That's "GROSS" but you love zombies? *sigh*

Wed Jul 09, 09:13:00 am

Anonymous handmaiden mused...

Earth to Richard!
Computer! *duh* You need to pack a computer in your suitcase! How will we know if you made it through surgery otherwise??!!!

Wed Jul 09, 12:07:00 pm

Anonymous King Jack mused...

Good luck tomorrow! Anon will be around with pots and pans in two weeks time but I'll be SQUARKING!!!!! BWARK! BWARK!! Those zombies need biting...

Wed Jul 09, 05:19:00 pm

Blogger Ces mused...

Good luck g3t. Thinking of you. Don't be a zombie or Hello Kitty.

Wed Jul 09, 10:36:00 pm


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