The clock is running

It feels like such a long time since I've been on the blogs. Gosh, I don't even know where to begin.

I guess the last time I was here it was all about Directing. Well, the class itself went fantastically. It was wonderfully prepared and went off without a hitch. It was a lot of fun. The beer prop was particularly popular seeing as I somehow 'accidentally' managed to oversupply that prop and everyone had to have a beer at the end of class.

We also heard about our Directing pitch. Hardly surprising, I wasn't short-listed for one of the Directing roles. I was completely OK with that decision considering my pitch performance. What I didn't expect was that I would be nominated to be a Producer on a film. I said I would do the role but didn't want to Produce a particular film because it might be too challenging for a part-time student. Well, they had a challenge for me! So now I'm in charge of a production which needs to completely recreate 1800s Australian convict life. Where do you get 1800s Australia in 2009... that's what were frantically on the path to find out. And organise.

So, until the end of the Production my life has ended. Gone. Underneath a pile like this;

Hope everyone else is out there having a great a time as I am.


Dir-Acting Exercise

For one of my Directing classes I have to write a short 1-2 minute piece that will be workshopped in class using fellow Directing students as our Actors. We're then going to film the piece. There was no way I was going to write a highly emotive piece and hope one of my fellow students could pull a tear out. I think that's asking a little too much.

You can read what I came up with below; but first, enjoy a little inspiration.


Charlie the Gent
Polite Gentleman
Large Gentleman


Charlie walks past a sign that says, ‘Gentleman’s Club’. He considers for a moment and enters the Club.


Charlie walks into the bar where the Large Gentleman and Polite Gentleman, who unlike Charlie both wear hats, sit at the bar. Charlie sits down at the bar on the far side of them. A beer is put in front of Charlie.

Charlie is about to take a sip when the Polite Gentleman clears his throat, taps Charlie on the shoulder and points to a sign above them that says, ‘All Gentlemen MUST wear Hat to be Served’.

Charlie feels the top of his hatless head. He looks longingly at his beer. The Polite Gentleman waggles his finger, ‘no’ and points to the sign. Charlie gets up and begins to leave. As he passes the Large Gentleman he swats the hat off his head. The Large Gentleman does not notice. Charlie picks up the hat and offers it back to the Large Gentleman who, without seeing Charlie has his hat, shoves Charlie away. Charlie turns to leave when he realises he has a hat. He puts it on and goes back to his seat at the bar.

The Large Gentleman goes to sip his beer and the Polite Gentleman clears his throat, taps the Large Gentleman on the shoulder and points to a sign above them that says, ‘All Gentlemen MUST wear Hat to be Served’. The Large Gentleman feels the top of his head, looks over at Charlie and realises Charlie is wearing his hat. He starts to reach over the top of the Polite Gentleman in an attempt to fight Charlie for the hat. Charlie cowers away while offering the hat to the Large Gentleman. The Large Gentleman takes it, puts it back on his head and sits down at his chair.

The Polite Gentleman mollifies the Large Gentleman by brushing off the shoulders of his jacket. Charlie, seeing the Polite Gentleman’s back is turned, sees his opportunity and sneakily takes the Polite Gentleman’s hat and puts it on his head.

All three settle back in to drink. Both Charlie and the Large Gentleman clear their throats, tap The Polite Gentleman on the shoulder and point to the sign above them that says, ‘All Gentlemen MUST wear Hat to be Served’.

The Polite Gentleman feels the top of his head and tries to fight both Charlie and the Large Gentleman to get one of the hats back. The Polite Gentleman realises this wasn’t wise as both Charlie and the Large Gentleman swing a single blow that knocks him off his feet.

Charlie and the Large Gentleman sit down to enjoy their beers. The Polite Gentleman gets unsteadily to his feet and leaves. They go to sip their beer. Charlie suddenly jumps up and points in the direction the Polite Gentleman has left. The Large Gentleman stands up looking for another fight from the Polite Gentleman. Charlie sneakily puts his hat under his shirt, takes off the Large Gentleman’s Hat and puts it on his head.

They sit back down. Charlie clears his throat, taps the Large Gentleman on the shoulder and points to the sign above them that says, ‘All Gentlemen MUST wear Hat to be Served’. While the Large Gentleman scratches his head looking towards the direction of the Polite Gentleman’s exit, Charlie draws all three beers in front of him.



Pitch Session

Ever had your Sandcastle crumble halfway through.

linked from Sandcastle Matt on flickr

As per usual, that's how my pitch went...

Not that it went badly. In fact it was really well received. But my ability to think cognitively and remain unflustered were dramatically reduced. It's something that is integral to pitching well; being comfortable with those questions I have probably considered in putting the ideas together for the film but are unable to articulate under pitch conditions. I think what I really need is to attend some sort of public speaking or acting classes.

I have to say I was jealous of the North Americans who, as a natural part of their education system, do so much public speaking. The difference was palpable.

I guess that's it. The next pitch will be better, and the one after better than that, and so forth.


Closing the Loop Hole

So, I thought I'd found, in the 35mm Animation elective, a way of Directing my own script (the Encapsulate one) this semester but I was chatting to the School Administrator and they still haven't been able to confirm whether the elective will go ahead or not. Something to do with no-one on planet earth (at least our little part of it) being able to run the expensive and expansive rig they use to shoot the animations. They're trying to convince either a Stop-motionist or a Digital Animator to come on board and take the elective but in a different format. Although I was trepidatious about giving up the flexibility computers (After-FX) allow I was really warming to the idea of doing a traditional animation. Let's hope they pull it out of the fire... or else I may actually have to work with real actors and cameras and the like. Wouldn't that be terrible :)

Also, I have 4 of my 5 minute pitch now locked in. All I need to do is figure which minute, of the 12 minutes of material I have left over, to put in there. Oh, and practice, practice, practice...

This was my last effort to Pitch a film...



I have a pitching session coming up in a couple of days at school. Basically, I get to stand up in front of a large group of people and try to convince them that I can Direct one of the scripts that was written at the school last year. There's a lot of problems in film schools where if a Director is also the Writer their 'ownership' of the piece can cause all sorts of tensions with other crew because they 'know' their work better than anyone. Our school kicks that problem to the curb by saying in the first year you can't Direct your own script (shhh... I've found a loop hole).

Anyway, so I have to pitch for a script not of my own creating. Gosh, what is wrong with the youth of today. The scripts are; Sociopath, Anorexic, Nonsensical Lying Delusional who eats a chilli meal that somehow burst his appendix (unfortunately not a comedy), A smiling homicidal maniac who cuts up grannies & kiddies.

Nothing profound.

Nothing inspirational.

Nothing moving.

Not even a wry smile.

I'm going to pitch the Sociopath script as it's part of a clear genre, Thriller, from which to draw plenty of reference.

Not to mention, Anorexics sicken me, seriously if I never had to see another one I'd be completely happy.

Nonsensical Lying Delusional is, well, nonsensical and the script was full of spelling mistakes and ill researched ideas, ie."He makes a C sharp with his finger" *cough* I think you mean Bass Clef ya numbat.

And the Homicidal Manic script uses every moment to explore all pervading fear and, not only do I get enough of that from public speaking, it really has little character exposition. Oh, and the twist at the end... it's called a twist because you're not meant to see it coming *sigh*. B is for Boring.

So, if I start getting like a single white female who dresses like his dead mother in the attic in order to boil your bunny, please forgive. It's just that the youth of today don't realise you can write inspiring works as well as dark and nasty.


Encapsulate - Parents

I was going to put up some more Encapsulate stuff, but the material I had in mind had to be put off in favour of work... I know, can you believe people actually expect me to do work for my money ;)

Anyway, so instead of putting up a whole new world, you'll just have to be satisfied with a quick portrait I did of the kindly overseers of the Pollen Factory. I actually imagine their barriers (I don't like that word; what should I call them? Call it a Control, maybe?) to be somewhat smoother than this and maybe more white than yellow. I like the idea that there are small gaps in their Control (not bad) which allow them avenues through which to work or talk or whatever...

Although there are many ways that people form an avenue through their Control; the easiest way I thought to describe how those gaps form would be that if a young child had a puppy, they would obviously want to play with each other and press against the Control. That mindful determined pressure would cause a gap to occur. My guess with children being introduced to a new pet the avenue would form fairly quickly, you could probably watch it happen. But when, say, two much older people meet it may take an enormous amount of time for that sort of reaction to occur, if it did at all... Does that make sense? Well, I it does to me. Mind you none of this would be verbally touched upon in the short I have in mind. It's good to know how it works though and I might show some of it visually as the community (not on the Pollen Factory but another Terrarium) decides on how to deal with the young person in the post below after his 'problem'.

Interestingly, he doesn't have a name yet... I wonder what it is? I guess I wont find out until there is a community that accepts him and gives him one.

Anyway, I've got this work thing to do... I think I'd much prefer to work on this type of thing instead.