At least that's what they tell me between naps.

WARNING: If you click the picture you will see the actual headwound where they took the tumour.
Do NOT click the picture if you are easily grossed out... it's gruesome.

Actually, the surgery couldn't have gone any smoother. I'm tumour free and they didn't have to use any other parts of my body to fill the resulting gap, they used material from just above the surgery, so I'm already a lot healthier than we expected. The work they did do is healing really fast and with Dr Happys Chewable Morphine I'm at home and mellowing out nicely. Probably my biggest complaint at the moment is how little I can open my jaw because of the bruising... but that just means I have to cut my 'whatever my heart desires for dinner', I'm being spoilt :), into very small pieces... hey, it's not like I have anything more to do with my time.

I hope everyone is great out there and I'll answer emails, visit blogs, and so forth really soon.

Now, time for Dr Happys!


See you on the other side...

Of the glass?
Heh heh heh!


Monkey Love

Only a few of the people here would remember that I once made a movie with a Monkey. Well, 'THE Monkey' really. Well, 'THE Monkey' who is also some type of p u p p e t (Shhhhh, he doesn't know and he can't s p e l l, because he has a wonderful human who helps in such matters).

Of course, there's only one thing that people love more than a Monkey, or a p u p p e t Monkey for that matter... and that's Zombies. How can you resist. You can't. Watch, enjoy, I'll try and post again before tommorrows D-day.

Oh, and Ruela, the nova-conquistador from the Neo Artes blog, Tagged me with some Meme about some things you'd take on a road trip. Hmmmm, let's see, because of my forthcoming trip down an unchartered road;

CDs (or in my case playlists on an MP3 player)
1. Morphine - A Cure for Pain (Song: A Cure for Pain)
2. Tea Party - The edges of Twilight (Song: Fire in the Head)
3. Altiplano - Transatlantic Non-Stop (Song: Endim Bulag Bashina)
4. RHCP - Freaky Styley (Song: If you want me to Stay)
5. Jamiroquai - Return of the Space Cowboy (Song: Half the Man)

Talk about mellowsville... I guess I can leave my heavier playlist at home, it's not like I'll be rock'n out.

Essential Items
1. Mooncar (She's an item... right?)
2. Tooth Brush
3. Portable DVD player with at least one of my DVD folders (which is only 200 films)

1. A six foot tall Marlboro cigarette.



A post. A post, my kingdom for a post...

...mind you, if you've seen the Kingdom of Richard and it's many swamps, North-West-Indian-like sanitation, and snide and inconsiderate population of 1 nude fat dude with a chip on his shoulder and a small tub of out of date sour cream his only protection, then you may want to keep your post in reserve for the off chance you may one day receive the same offer for a Kingdom which is a little more, well, Kingly.

As to the post though *shrugs* I haven't really been producing anything. So there's nothing really to post. I did film football this last week. Fun! The new camera girl worked out fairly well, with only a days notice (and about 5 hours behind a Pro Camera) she was thrown in the deep end and, although we needed more time to go through the shot-runs so her work was a little more dynamic, it was a good solid effort. I'll use her service again if I didn't scare her off the first time.

Hmmmm... what else, I shot some footage of Possum with the DSR because I wanted a fun film for a blog post like this guy... or this guy... or this alien... or this egg... or the other strange but delightful filmmakers out in blog-land. Those people and aliens and things are very good natural editor type peoples and I keep losing their links so now I have them. But, as usual, life has taken over and the footage sits on tape with no editing in sight.

I've also been blogged (somewhat) by one of my favourite online filmmakers as one of my old tripods has entered the wonderful world of HalfLand. I've also been receiving lots of visits from the Nani-Bird blog [start *Wave*] Hi Nani-birders! [/end *wave*] because the Nani-Dragons were blogged by the Nani-Bird creator Josh along with many other designs created by people joining in the Nani-Bird experience. I really should pull my finger out and finish off the small amount of work I have to do on the Nani-Dragon designs and send them off to Josh but, you know, 'life has taken over'. I should also be putting some ground work in on the Kath Bee song but the time I'd scheduled for that was subverted by a really cool Manga Festival that I just 'have' to see... and sleep, yes, there's been lots of sleep.

I've also been for all my hospitally type adventures before the big Op. Besides the tests and so forth the best adventure resulted in some really cool PJs, a wery nice welour wobe, and some new comfy warm chocolate coloured Uggs. I'm pretty much all set. I've even been, like, abstaining from bad stuff, like incomohol, so I can feel all healthy and ready for the long road to recovery... or something.

What else... nothing... I don't even have a picture... actually I do... here's a pic I did for a friend who absolutely Looooooooooves Hello Kitty.

I know, I'm such a prick! She loved it.

I'll be around to comment on your blogs the moment, you know, life stops getting in the way...