Post 101

Another milestone... 101 posts, which is kinda like 101 Dalmatians without the yapping, bad smelling canned food, and pee stained carpet. Wait... no, it's completely like 101 Dalmatians.

I've been preparing for my Documentary shoot tommorrow. It's going to be one of those normal sort of days... shooting at a Theatre first thing in the morning with a traditional Shakespearean cross dressing actor, at a bicycle store with Unicycles and fire juggling after morning tea, then it's the playstation Pro Evo 6 one man soccer world championship after our catered lunch, and finally after dinner we're going to be going inter-galatic with a telescope powerful enough to see the lunar buggies left behind on the moon (damn those never-went-to-the-Moon conspiracy guys really made sure the little details were taken care of...). It's going to be a long, long, fun, fun, FUN day. I'm very much looking forward to it.

I was out shooting some Theatre pick-ups the other day and thought I'd include this in my production schedule...

You can see more beautiful creations over at Gnat of Glass' place! Third place rocks!

Hope everyone is having fun out there... stay cool!


OK, let's keep this part short so all you lovely semi-concerned people are in the loop; biopsy on Wednesday morning to find out if my now confirmed tumour is a benign and friendly dictator or if it's one of those aggressive little buggers that looks all innocent up until a few seconds before it tries to kill me... with numchucku!

I got to tell my family about it on Saturday. A totally bizarre moment in life... I wasn't about to tell them about the lump (and have them upset for nothing) until I was in a position to tell them all the info and options, I guess knowing it's a tumour and what the Docs will do depending on what type of tumour is probably enough info to share with them... still, a weird thing to have to make those types of phone calls. And I can confirm that ringing up and saying in an excited voice, "Hey you'll never guess what I got... No, go on, guess... Oh, you'll never guess, a Tumour! Yay, that's right, I got a TuMour (implied French accented connotation)", is not the right way to break the news. Oh well, live and learn.


OK, enough celebrations...

Me noggin gets a flog'n t'morra!


MRI scan on my head tomorrow so the surgeons can calculate the best way to operate.


No need to wish me luck... The white doughnut (or white coffin as I call it) doesn't phase me. I'm not claustrophobic, I'll be fine. You can wish me luck on the results though. Let's hope it's a girl... no a boy... who wants the trouble of a girl going through their teens.

Hope you're all doing well.


UPDATE: Had the test, see below, just waiting on the Specialist to have a look and give me a call.

I was searching YouTube to help give people an idea of what it's like. I wish it was like this;

But really it was more like this... just so you can get the full experience... turn your sound up very loud, put a white metal waste paper basket over your head, bang on the bin with a large metal spoon and play the following clip... keep doing this for 40 minutes.

Great isn't it...