Welcome wagon

I don't really have anything to post at the moment, so here's a big welcome to young Beck.



To keep everyone entertained for the Weekend

You can see another of my brilliant, YES, I KNOW, THEY'RE BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT I SAY, gif's at SCUBA. Yes, I do know, a-nuuuther gif, but this one is pretty cool cause it's interactive. Took me a while to figure out how to do this, and then it took Gyrobo to show me how it's REALLY done. Me. SMarT. Oh shut up and just go have a look... and have a great weekend.

Must. Drink. Brain. Disfunctionating. Beer. Now.


Where is everyone?

This place seems awful quiet.

Maybe it's cause I haven't been around much. Me? I'm just hang'n out with my girl hav'n some fun.

Until I actually get around to posting something film-like, I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet, enjoy a picture of my beautiful partner this old crone.

Until I'd started all these animated Gifs I'd forgotten how much fun pencil drawings were. It's also pretty cool playing with this colourisation technique, I haven't done much stuff like this. It's kinda easy but looks all watercoloury and nice so I guess I'll keep using it until I get bored or want to go all Disney. Hope everyone having a good time out here.


Post-It Note Theatre.

Little Jame was a strange boy.

He was not like other children.

But it was not because...

of his funny smell.

Or because his leg that was...

shorter than the other

Or because when the other kids would play...

he would sit in the corner singing sad songs in a French accent.

Or because his only friend was Graham, a stuffed rabbit...

who set fires.

It was because...

Jame had a secret.

A secret that none of the other kids knew...

something that even Graham couldn’t set on fire.

Jame knew that one day he would grow up...

To be a beautiful young woman.

The End


Blog Zombie

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