It's all about you.

I'm still rather busy with all that work stuff so I haven't given much thought to writing anything here.

I have been to your blogs though. So instead of writing about what I'm doing, I'm going to write about you.

Yes you.

You know who you are, ... except for you, you don't even seem to know which way is up but that's probably because you're mother dropped you on your head, it's not your fault, this isn't about you so relax.

But you! Yeees, you! You are very disappointing, I've read your blog, why do you even bother? Each and every time I go there you are very disappointi, ... no, I don't mean you, you are more boring more than disappointing. I'm not going to even go into your boringness and the reasons why you shouldn't be allowed to liv... I said I wasn't talking about you. Your protestations of 'not being disappointing' when I've said that you are more boring than disappointing is boring. Maybe you should get off the blogs and live a little and you wouldn't be so boring.

I'm talking about YOU. ... What? Not this again, I don't mean you, you're clever and funny and never disappointing. You should write more posts. But the person behind you, hiding, yes YOU! You are frightfully disappointing, every time I go to your blog I see something that could be good but it just ends up petering out in a most disappointing fashion. ... I don't care if you can do better ... No, I'm never going to your blog again ... Because it's disappointing to see potential that never fruits ... No, I'm not giving you a second chance ... My expectations are NOT too high. I didn't even have any expectations when I started reading your stuff. It seemed fun, but now it's disappointing ... No, everyone thinks your stuff is rubbish ... Everyone ... No, EVERYONE! ... I don't care if you are me.

[No - this is not a pity post, just some shit I started typing and that was the simplest way I could finish it when it started boring me... disappointing... jokes! I'll do a real update soon... promise!]



...to find anything of interest to post about. Works really busy, but I guess that's what happens when your organisation launches a $17M initiative to the public. No really, we DO love aged pensioners calling us because they don't have a computer to look up our website, we DO. Someone needs to hug the old buggers because it's obvious no-one but us is talking to them. I mean, I understand your grand-daughter is playing rugby today but what does that have to do with us?

Not that there hasn't been some fun stuff going on, it's just not post worthy or ready for posting yet. I've started making some puppets for a series of shorts I'm producing. I've been videoing the procedure so I may put it up sometime. I'm making the heads from 'bendy-stretchy stuff' (technical term! OK, I just didn't want to use the word latex and have all the mature people here go off the rails). I've been doing a lot of character design, modelling, slush casting, etc. I have a beautiful example on tape of what happens when you screw up a plaster casting, the clay casting wall broke not once, but twice! It turned into a plaster fountain sending litres of liquid plaster all over my work bench, the floor, my camera tripod and me. I'm not sure I'll post that though, it's mostly me just scrambling to get something to contain the plaster while laughing my arse off. Very fun and messy work.

The series itself has a communist era Eastern European feel to it so I've been traipsing through a lot of material produced during that era. Here's a piece I found that, in my opinion, is nothing like what I'm producing but absolutely beautiful.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Must go, I have a pensioner on the phone who's telling me about a boating trip they took in 1954. Please people, help me out, if your parents are aged, give them a bloody call and take some interest in their life. Hopefully they wont feel the need to call me.


Animated Monday

Well, the Bard of Arth has done it again. With the flick of his wrist, a month of grind, unabashed animal cruelty, and the occasional Jedi mind trick he has created quite the show for us animation loving geekoids.

Definitely head over and check out the goodness that is Arthbard's Science Center!


...And now for a random image courtesy of some crazy-smart programmer-type dude who appears to think google enjoys being re-engineered. I actually wonder if this will work...

[update]...Wow, what a not-so crazy-smart programmer-type dude. All that did was make the page un-loadable in some browsers. The idea should have been a fun one though. Apparently it was supposed to capture random words on your blog and then insert a random image from google image search using those words

...so here's some random image courtesy of crazy-smart me-type dude who appears to think that typing a random word in google image search is mildly amusing...

I was hungry OK!


So I can't draw...

...next you'll be saying I can't paint!

(Acrylic on Board. 1300x1000mm)

Errrrr, OK, you're probably right but as long as the red stickers keep turning up I'll ignore the fact.