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Why I love filmmakers

A while back I did some volunteer work for the Director of a stop-motion animation. Heh? Did I just call it work. Hardly. When you have the ability to help out another filmmaker with your skills (or as my friend calls them 'SKILLZ MAN, YOU GOT DA SKILLZ') in a way that it doesn't impact on your own meanderings, I always suggest that you do it. And don't do it half-assed because you're 'only helping'. Do it to the level you would want it done on your own project.

Why? Well, there's something very satisfying in helping someone achieve a little part of their dream. No, not the dream to become a successful filmmaker, that's no real dream at all. But the dream of seeing their story and characters take on a living breathing life in front of their audience to the point where someone in the room forgets they're watching a movie and actually begins to care what happens to their friends, or hated enemies, or a small Pixar animated Robot up on screen. Now who wouldn't want to help someone create a moment like that? Oh and you also get mysterious boxes in the post for your troubles. *smiles* And who could live without a mysterious box or two.

BOX INCLUDED: Props not used on the film, the most beautiful surface gauge
you ever did see (machined by the Directors dad!), the animation
book I loaned them, and a book about amazing people and their stories.

*Sigh* I love filmmakers. In the words of Bill and Ted... Be excellent to each other!

In other news, I've been working on more wonderfully messy things all in the name of creating another story in which we can lose ourselves for a little while.



From the darkness creep

the Portal Mistress

visceral breath corrupting air

Seekers who enter, Beware!


a shame her haircut looks so cheap?


Character design on the other hand is always fun... I quite like the girls face paint. I imagine it in thick 'white grease paint' with the 'blood and bruises befouling into septic green putrescence' gobbed on in rough overlaying patches. Tasty!

Of course, the moment you do this sort of make-up your actor generally gets stuck in make-up for a couple of hours every shoot. It's not uncommon but on small shoots like mine who wants to spring for a make-up professional every time a camera is turned on? So what other options are there? I don't know...

Anyone have thoughts?

Hmmmm.... anyone ever made a leather mask? Now that could be fun. Do that type of make up on a leather mask. Just when I didn't think she could be any more freaky. Nice!


Updating because I can...

...or should...

...or something.

Gawd, I'm bored with the paperwork side of producing films.