I am the best... officially. No really, offically the best

Sorry I haven't been around much. This film caper... It's a never ending series of heart breaking problems that must be solved two minutes before they happen. I'm not sure why any of us do it.

For the awards of course! Not really. Clemency and Talisker's showing at the film festival was less than auspicious. We had two issues happen outside our control that couldn't be fixed before the screening. The first being that our negative 'somehow' got dirty which resulted in bright white speckles all over our beautiful dark interiors. Some of it was like a fireworks display. The second being that our Telecine House provided us with a file in the wrong aspect ratio which made the film look like crap for it's showing. Not to worry, both problems will be fixed for the next screening.

But of course, that didn't stand in the way of our film receiving recognition, we managed to pick up Best Editor, Best Sound Designer and of course... Best Producer! Because as it says in the title, out of 51 films in competition, I'm the Best! I was also voted Least Humble! ;)

Seriously though, my reward really is to see the absolute best film up on the screen and although I was a little disappointed with its showing the feedback we received was very complementary indeed.

As for feedback being great, we had another film in the festival called Earth Wind Fire Advertising which was an experimental piece created by twelve of us SFS guys, edited by myself to the awesome tune Smoke and Oil by our good friend (fiend) Ticharu. Experimental films are often ignored by audiences as they're a little too abstract for them. But the feedback was really remarkable. We had dozens of people approach us after the screening all with high praise and a multitude of questions as to how it had been made. Really was a fantastic screening, and there's a good chance we'll see it in another festival in a couple of months! Yeah!

Anyway, better hop... still more to do and work to catch up on. Hope everyone out there is doing great.

Proof that I'm the Best...
or at least a random photo of me doing something