Encapsulate: Through the void

So, here is an updated, coloured, version of one of the cities, the Pollen Factory (apparently it makes good food), that our young hero passes on his way through the void. I'm not particularly keen on this colour-job but that can be changed and it certainly gives people a better idea what it would be like to live and work within a haven of the void; an industrialised haven at that. I certainly like the more organic versions of the AirFish (maybe not pink) shown here with one wild and one captured. Although the one that's captured isn't wearing its riding harness.

And of course, what would be a journey through the void without our young hero. Shown here with his god given 'barrier' still in place, like everyone else who lives within the void.

How long will he keep it? Well, wouldn't be much of a story if he didn't have some sort calamity beset him.


Left Field

Something completely unrelated to the previous posts. It's our sponsor child's birthday. Mooncar thought it would be nice to do a picture for him. So, this is what I did for the Soccer (Futbol) mad 8 year old.

It's a shame that we didn't read the notice on the back of the envelope properly and apparently we shouldn't send it with the B'day package. Oh well, we'll just slip it in or send it separately to the Angel Gabriel.

Have any of you sent a picture of a hat wearing Platypus on a soccer ball to an Arch Angel who is also considered by some orders as the Angel of Death? No, I don't think so! Although I guess an animal with a ducks bill, a tail like a beaver, fur like a cat, and lays eggs like a chicken proves that this kids god has a pretty good sense of humor. At the very least.

UPDATE: Ha! I love the fact people are coming from Ruela's site (featuring a dark and disturbing animation over my Black Page test) to find a cute and cuddly Platypus. :D Now that's good value! You should go over and have a look at the animation. Awesome work Ruela!


Encapsulate - Air Fish Trial

Okay, after the last picture being universally welcomed (which I appreciate greatly BTW), Shel over at Halfland wanted me to animate it...

This is the best I can do in 24 hours (yeah, OK, it took maybe 4hrs). I also have a story now. I don't think it's too bad. I'm calling it Encapsulate as a working title. Oh, and that strange soundtrack is actually a beautiful Brass counter bell I bought from an artist in Melbourne overlapped with a couple of notes 'stolen' from Ticharu with atmosphere supplied by Possum (our Budgie) slowed down to 65% of his normal speed. Cool, huh!

PS. I started school again today. They've bought a 'pre-loved' 35mm film animation machine and are offering it as an elective. So good to be back.



So last night I was thinking about the early Get Films animated logo I did, the one with the flower that grows out of a seed of dust made from the remnants of an older destroyed flower (not online any more it would seem...). This thinking meandered past a grove of head-fruit that grew in shapes akin to life being often enclosed within it's own limits without avenue for growth outside of itself. This briefly lead down a path towards large ornate terrariums but, while watching a show about a bipolar Stephen Fry, quickly flew off towards a cloud of ephemeral perceptions on how vast tracks of the human race are encapsulating themselves in chemically induced boundaries... or financial boundaries... or emotional... or physical... or whatever...

So, this is the idea doodle. The rough idea doodle. I didzit lay'n down on tha couch with nuth'n har' back'nit. I couldza gotz a book but et wooda meant gitt'n arp.

Now, of course, I really like this. Particularly the strange flying airfish character in the bottom right corner with his singular bell like voice that rings out through the void. But the problem with that is I don't know these characters, their environments or what their story could possibly be. To find out I'd have to do, what I see so many other artists do and admire greatly, is to spend a large amount of time in that world, drawing it, figuring out where the staircases go, how the people (if they are people) go about their daily business of interacting with seemingly giant creatures and flowers and each other and their boundaries. I could greatly enjoy living for a time in that world.

But what about the other worlds... I think this is why I like film. I can flibbertigibbet from one world to another.


One for the romantics

A single serve for two of homemade triple-choc macadamia nut brownie with pink Belgian chocolate heart and a rich glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from a friends family cellar door.

A perfect end to a perfect meal... enjoy your Valentine!



Here are two different offerings from yesterdays daily sketch book.

One was done during a break at work, the other was to capture a story idea I had while relaxing at home on the sofa. I defy you to pick which was done at which time...

Yeah, OK, probably not a hard task.


Featured short film #1

Before the earth turns to melted goo, the thermometers change profession, and I retreat to my underground lair near the centre of the world where it's cool... compared to here. I will let you watch this little film.

This film was made by a set designer, what it lacks in animated magnificence (only due to time constraints and the lack of animators on the crew) it certainly makes up for in rich colours and beautiful sets. The story is a bit of a gem too.

And if you watch the credits, which I haven't, you may see a familiar looking name.


Heat Wave

It's HOT!

It has been for weeks.

The southern states of Australia have been hitting 40°C (+100°F) every day. Of course, this is Australia and we're used to hot weather. We only really know it's Hot when the local wildlife start abandoning their homes in the bush in favour of our abodes. Like this cute little character from down South Australia way who decided to wander inside for a drink. First he tested the temperature of the water... with his tongue. Not many people know that Koalas have the second most temperature accurate tongue in the animal Kingdom. The first being the Himalayan Camel but who wants to trek half-way up an ice covered mountain only to be told, guess what, it's freak'n cold.

Then, seeing as it was cool enough for his liking, he rightfully claimed it as his own personal swimming pool.

Mmmm... Cool! Now, how about that drink?

Well, he is an Aussie after all. What did you expect him to drink?

Yeah, I know, that's not right.

They forgot to give him a meat pie and tomato sauce.



I've been on sets where some of the most incredibly talented helpful crew and cast that morning don't seem to bring the same attitude to their work later in the day...

I'm not sure why...

Yeah, Ok, I do know why but it's nothing to get overly excited about. Take a deep breath. It'll be different in the morning.