You wanted it! Some of you anyway.

Yesterday, usually my day for working on my projects, I was doing another bazillion frames of 'cut-paste-colour-place' (which is much more fun than it sounds) but during lunch I decided to play around with an illustration I did of the mechanical exploding badger. I really got into mucking around with the little fellow. After a couple of hours I managed to put together 20seconds of exploding mechanical badger goodness.

I think everyone here knows our good friend Gyrobo from Roboshrub Inc, as per Ticheru's request I've cheekily cameoed our favourite Robot. I'm sure I've broken several intergalatic laws by doing so but I swear I was under the effects of a mind control drug administered to me by a Roboshrub competitors. They were really quite good but as I found out the hard way shouldn't be mixed with high levels of electro-magnetic radiation. Although the extra hands ARE coming in, well, handy.

Hope you enjoy the Exploding Mechanical Badger.

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Mechanical Exploding Badger!?

OK, may not be anything of my creation and may not necessarily explode, although he does appear to have a fuse, but if you click on the picture you just might!

Badger! Badger! Badger!

This cute little Non-exploding Mechanical Badger fellow also Dances!


Your time is up!

Put your glass down and step away from the computer.

With about 24hrs left til deadline and two (long) scenes containing loads of character interaction yet to be completed, I was faced with the choice of either pushing on and finishing The Mill or saying 'screw it' and going to bed.

So what did I do? Well, visually The Mill looked good but did need a few colour corrections here and there, if (a big if) I could get through those final two scenes, I could probably have gotten away with the visuals. Aurally, it was Rough, capital R. Not even with the fabulous music from Ticharu proping up one scene could I cover up how sloppy I had been with the folley where it existed at all. So, I pulled out my work book and started writing everything I would change about the completed scenes if I had another week to work on the film and then watched the film again. I went to bed.

The Mill really has the potential to be an awesome little film if given the right treatment, there are other festivals. I didn't achieve what I set out to do in the given time (although I don't mind telling you that the 9 seconds of completed animation I produced each day is a pretty impressive workrate), but I don't think outlaying the thirty dollar entrance fee was wasted considering the film it's going to finally produce.

Now, if only the festival organisers didn't ring me this morning asking how much extra time I would like to get the film in. Damn! Too late, I'm going to make the film I want to see.