Earth Wind Fire Advertising

Gosh, I get here once a month these days... so, until next month, here, enjoy.

Created by 12 experimental film-makers from Sydney Film School over the course of a weekend, Earth Wind Fire Advertising started its life by being watched by you, me, and all cinema goers as it was played through the projectors of local cinemas as Cinema Advertisements. The group sourced the 35mm film prints once the advertising campaigns were no longer running and then set to work on them with a variety of substances and techniques.

The group scratched, bleached, sanded, painted, covered in oven cleaner, cut out parts of frames, dripped on industrial strength hydrochloric acid, melted with soldering irons, and even set the film prints on fire (to name but a few techniques) to re-engineer the Adverts to create new meanings or destroy all meaning; and to create enticing visual effects. Basically, we wanted to see what new emotions and feelings we could discover in the everyday world of advertising... Oh, and it was also a bucket load of fun.

Earth Wind Fire Advertising was edited by a single individual (who was probably me) with the philosophy of image before meaning and meaning before story; creating a painterly quality intended to relax the viewer and wash away the cynicism felt towards the original advertisements.

The film is set the music of Minnesotan experimental musician Richard Knutson and his group Plum Flower Embroidery.